Ana Gabriel announces her retirement from the stage

Almost 50 years after starting her artistic career with a dozen hits, including: “Who’s like you?”, “Here I am”, “Oh dear!”, among others, singer Ana Gabriel announced her retirement. stage this weekend.

It happened during a concert presented by the translator in Los Angeles, where he interrupted the show for a few seconds to share his decision with the public: “I want to tell you that I will soon leave the stage,” can be heard in a video already circulating on social networks.

He explained the reasons for ending his journey in the music world and the reasons they had to do with his family: “I’m tired because I have the right to live, I have the right to enjoy my family in another way,” he added. Amid denials from his fans.

Although she did not give more details about it and did not set an exact date for the farewell, the Mexican emphasized that if she shares her plans with the public, it will be because of the promise she made several years ago: “When I said I retired, I’m going to tell them, I don’t know when it will be. , it could be next year,” he added.

But this news left not only a bitter taste among the participants and Ana Gabriel, and the singer said through her social networks that she was very disappointed in public, because, apparently, she received many disrespects. “doesn’t balance her as an artist”.

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The singer, whose real name is Maria Guadalupe Araujo Yong, insisted that in all her years in music, nothing like this has happened to her and that while she apologizes, she will not tolerate any disrespect.

Ana didn’t talk about the embarrassing moment, but many of her followers revealed that the celebrity made some comments in favor of INE, which angered fans, who immediately started booing her.

In her statements, the singer said that she was not emotional, but she assured her audience that her show would be a surprise: “Now I don’t feel good as a person, I feel less as an artist, but yes, I promise that tomorrow’s show will be full of love and music”, she concluded.

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