Andrea Legaretta celebrates 25 years of hoi

This Monday, January 9, “Today’s show“He wore long tablecloths for his 25th anniversary, so his actors presented themselves with elegant looks unnoticed by their millions of viewers, each of whom surrendered with wasted elegance.

In this sense, the followers of the Televisa morning show were delighted to see Andrea Legaretta throw the house out the window with a spectacular appearance that highlights the enviable figure she has achieved and maintains at the age of 51.

Andrea Legaretta shines at Hoy’s anniversary party

On such an important date, the most famous host “Today’s show“She made it clear that fashion is part of her daily life, she presents herself with looks that highlight all her beauty, and the thousands of comments she received on social networks convinced her of this.

On its various digital platforms, The Televisa morning show Andrea Legaretta flaunted the beautiful dress she wore, which was all white. What really caught my attention was the blouse she was wearing with a plunging neckline on the front.

Photo: Twitter/@program_hoy

As expected, Andrea Legaretta’s dress did not go unnoticed, because after a few minutes it became the topic of conversation on digital platforms, highlighting how well the 25th anniversary of the country’s most watched morning newspaper was.

Some of the comments the TV star received were “beautiful”, “handsome” and “spectacular”.

Premiere sets and new episodes today

On this day, and for the anniversary, “Hoy Program” launched a new collection, presented by Andrea Legareta, Raul “Negro” Ariza, Tania Rincon, Arath de la Torre and Paul Stanley. Notably absent are Galilea Montejo and Tania Rincon.

In addition to the new package, the drivers announced that in 2023 there will be new categories and top guests in the program.

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