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The presenter has shared behind-the-scenes videos of the product appearing on his networks.

He recently celebrated his 2 million followers on his Instagram account. Today, Ecuador presenter Gabriela Pasmino from Buccaneer Returns to celebrate with his fans on the networks.

In his Instagram stories, the presenter was part of the morning In contact Uploaded short videos of various cosmetic products on a table, asking the question: What does all this remind you of?

When Pasmino was on the national small screen, he shared his day in his daily posts before he appeared on screen, while he was combing his hair at home.

“Today is going to be a great day” is a phrase that comes in one Stories In it she records herself as they create herself and then in another short video, ready and appearing in the middle of a TV studio.

“They never know the emotion I feel. I never imagined stepping back on a TV channel. Almost two years later, I’m here. I send them a big kiss,” Pasmino says in the video.

Female Magazine This is a Panamanian morning, which airs Monday through Friday, at 09:30, with the Ecuadorian spokesman coming out today. He has not yet spoken on whether his intervention will call for production or join the project staff. (And)

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