“The FdT is a very competitive electoral space” – ADN

(DNA). – Luciano Ruiz, president of the League of Councilors of the Frente de Todos and representative of the Justicialista Party of Río Negro, considered that “the Front is a very competitive electoral space in the province” and highlighted Martín’s vocation for unity and openness to dialogue Doñate, who has expressed her desire for projection towards 2023.

He also considered that the Rio Negro senator and Martín Soria converge in this project of Peronism in a generational space that must “be built with everyone.”

Ruiz indicated that the appointment of Soria in the national cabinet “also orders” and that it is a recognition of the national deputy and also “for the Rio Negro Peronism that has triumphed in all national elections, where the macrismo never exceeded 30%” of the votes ”.

He recalled that Soria “when many Peronists embraced with Macri, he endured the onslaught of macrismo.

In dialogue with ADN, Luciano Ruiz acknowledged that there is a young generation between 40 and 50 years old “made up of mayors and mayors, councilors and councilors, legislators and legislators, who are destined to lead a process that, with their different profiles and differences, converge in a project of unity ”and added that there is also an active participation of younger militants between the ages of 20 and 30.

As he explained, it is also about “amalgamating the accompaniment of the companions of 60 and 70 years, and we must understand their history and their contribution to Peronism because we are all necessary”, and it is not a question of “throwing the old men out the window as they said. Perón ”.

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In his opinion, the adhesion of young people to Peronism occurs for two reasons, on the one hand by Nestor and Cristina Kirchner and on the other “by the experience left by macrismo that was disastrous.”

Luciano Ruiz, president of the block of councilors of the FdT in the Deliberative Council of Viedma, is 43 years old, was born in General Conesa, married and father of three children. He remembers that “there was a neighbor who passed by the front of the house every morning to buy bread and play pool, whistling the Peronist march. It was my first approach to the game. Then I saw him cry with joy with the triumph of Menem in 1989 “, in return he related” that sad experience in 1995 when candidate Juan Epherro lost the municipal election in Conesa by nine votes. “

His militancy in Peronism began in 1996 in La Plata, in a local partisan on Calle 54, between 6 and 7, and in 2004 – once he received a degree in Social Communication – he began to work in the Ministry of Social Development of the Nation, “where I had the opportunity to travel the entire country. Kirchnerism finished forming me politically ”.

This is how he arrived in Río Negro to take charge of the Office of Pensions of the Ministry of Social Development of the Nation and began to visit the province, contacting the mayors and meeting the Peronist leadership.

Ruiz is optimistic about this year’s national elections and building a competitive space for 2023, based on a clear concept of unity. He argued that “this is a mandate from the bottom up, it is demanded by the new generations regardless of their belonging to lines or internal groups” and added that “everyone must add and not play against if there is no agreement.”

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He indicated that “you don’t have to be all the time looking at what Juntos Somos Río Negro does, but rather do politics and work on projects of interest to the people” and added that “JSRN will have to reconcile its electoral strategy by criticizing the Fernández government with the national agenda. It’s very complicated”.

“Martín Doñate summons all sectors, travels the province and makes dialogue its main instrument” and “this is a path of construction,” said Luciano Ruiz.

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