Navigation services are affected by internet blackouts in Cuba

This morning, an unexpected outage of terrestrial fiber optics plunged Cuba into widespread disruption to internet services. reports Cuban Telecommunications Company SA (ETECSA). The incident has had a significant impact on various types of network connectivity affecting users across the country.

In an official statement issued by the Directorate of Institutional Communication of ETECSA, it has been confirmed that the cutting of terrestrial fiber optics has created difficulties in accessing Internet services and significantly reduced their use. Users, both personal and business, may experience problems connecting to the network and slow down while browsing.

ETECSA experts are currently working hard to restore Internet services in the shortest possible time. In the meantime, the company is committed to providing regular updates through its official communication channels to inform the community about the progress in solving this technical issue.

Internet service impact not only affects individual users, but can have significant consequences for businesses and organizations that rely heavily on online connectivity. Restructuring of services is expected to be carried out effectively, thereby minimizing impact on productivity and day-to-day operations.

ETECSA apologizes for the inconvenience this incident may cause to its users. The company recognizes the critical importance of connectivity in modern society and is committed to addressing this issue as soon as possible.

This internet blackout in Cuba demonstrates the vulnerability of telecommunications infrastructure and highlights the need for proactive measures to ensure the stability and security of online services in the future.

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Cuba Directory Following the updates provided by ETECSA, they will fully restore internet services in the country.

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