Banco Azteca: What happens to my savings and debts if I go bankrupt?

Azteca Banka financial entity used by thousands of Mexicans, In controversy Because of the alleged bankruptcyThis situation has worried thousands of people, especially those who have their savings and debts in it.

In case you are a client of Banco Azteca, below, we will mention what could happen to your savings and debts in the event of its bankruptcy.

Could Banco Azteca go bankrupt?

Recently, Ricardo Salinas Plego stated that he is going through a period of financial instability, This event worried his company’s employees as well as the bank’s customers, because in addition to what the owner mentioned, Forbes Mexico Commented that creditors TV Azteca filed a complaint demanding payment of debts estimated at $63.315 million before the Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York. Which increases doubts about the possibility of closure.

As a result, thousands of Banco Azteca clients, They expressed concerns about their savings on social media That’s why we came up with reducing uncertainty, Well, below we show you what could happen to your money if Banco Azteca declares bankruptcy.

What happens to my debt if the bank fails?

If the bank goes bankrupt, The client’s obligations are not cancelledbut it is important to consider two possible scenarios:

  • If an agreement is reached to revitalize the bank, Debtors must continue making payments to the same financial institution. In other words, No changes.
  • If the bank is sold, The debt is transferred to the new financial institution. Therefore, payments remain mandatory, while maintaining the corresponding deadlines.
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How will the potential bankruptcy of Banco Azteca affect my savings?

If you have your savings in Banco Azteca, You do not need to withdraw your money, as your savings are legally backed and protected by the Institute for the Protection of Bank Savings (IPAB).

So you don’t have to worry if the bank closes its doors, your savings and debts will remain intact.

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