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They present “Palabrería Heavy” in the Madrid hall, which teaches linguistics

This November (from 17 to 26 – Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays), DT scenic space Madrid hosts the piece’Heavy talk‘. This project is part of the DT residency program and the idea comes from the creators Amaya Bono (Vitoria-Gasteiz, 1989) and Damian Montesdioca (Gran Canaria, 1992). With language as the focus of research, this duo presents on stage an attempt at a musical that examines the impact of words on the individual through a critical, absurd and humorous tone.

Since they began their journey in 2018, Bono and Montesduca have been investigating this topic, that of linguistics, with the aim of approaching it from an analytical and reflective perspective, but always by enjoying the present moment and playing with each other and with the world. view. In this new show, we’ll see how they take words to the extreme, exploring all their literary, sonic, physical and spatial possibilities.

We build our lives through words. The ones we say, the ones they tell us, the ones we read, the ones they teach us. But what happens when words start to gain weight? At what point does this weight occur? What would happen if you suddenly ran out of them? Amaya Bono and Damian Montesdioca investigated these questions and the result was an attempt to create “pseudo-music” composed and performed by themselves.

To be clear. Although the theater in which it is performed is close to Gran Vía, this musical has no relation to the musicals on Broadway in Madrid. Here we will see no great tricks, no groups of dancers doing twirls, no singing sopranos ‘Everything is my personal effort‘. But Bono and Montesduca will sing, or rather, sing, in a piece that examines the weight of the word through a critical, absurd, and humorous tone. “Music makes life happy. Singing is a very fun exercise, and we do it at karaoke even if we don’t know it, in the bathroom. “We like to bring that sense of fun to something related to language,” Damian said. “For me, singing in public has always been a challenge, almost a shock… However, bringing it to the stage through play, humor and in the company of Damien is something I really want,” adds Amaya.

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Analytical perspective

“Heavy talk” It flies, it delves, it immerses itself in language. A topic the duo has been investigating for five years with other products such as “When you accuse them it makes sense.”“(2018),”now now(2018) or “Repetition” (2021). They all have a common link: approaching language from an analytical, critical and reflective perspective, but always through wit, irony, play and enjoyment of the present moment. “Since we met, our way of communicating has been through playing with words. Whatever happened to us in life, it was almost inevitable that we would bring it out on stage. We have developed a way of communicating with language that is entirely our own and stimulating. We challenge each other, play games and complement each other’s words or phrases.”

On this occasion, the theatrical work consists of three distinct games that are developed based on strategies that seek to deconstruct, embody and distort language. Thus, we attend a performance in which we observe how words are pushed to their limits, exploring all their literary, sonic, physical and spatial possibilities. A spiral in which signifier and meaning end up distorting each other.

Amaya Bono and Damian Montesdioca began working together in 2018, initiating a line of artistic thought that combines models of production, creativity and research that start from traditional strategies to transcend the boundaries of performance traditions. Walking the line between display and representation, playing with language and meta-referentiality or searching for a balance between the experimental and the accessible, have been among the focuses of his work.

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Moreover, its scenic plot “When you accuse them, it makes sense.” (2018), ‘Paid’ (2020) and “Repetition” (2021) passed through contexts such as Tabacalera (Donostia), MACBA (Barcelona), La Juan Gallery, La Casa Encendida, Conde Duque, Teatros del Canal (Madrid), Sorge Madrid or the Alternative Theater Network.

“Heavy talk” It is part of the DT Espacio Escético residency program.

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