The Flag of the Colors of the Sky – El Sol de Cuautla

I think that In the memory of all of us is a sky that we will never forget. I very much remember the intense red sky that looked like fire on the coast of Hawaii at sunset, and I have never seen the like of it again.

But I also remember Violet dawn Behind my grandmother’s house whose shade of coconut palm trees made a perfect photo frame. There is nothing that doesn’t get better when you see the colors of the sky.

Especially at sunrise or sunset bright colors Which brings us to complete peace. Personally, the sunrises show more colors than the violet tones which is my favorite, but the intense reds in the afternoon are also stunning and I don’t have to get up early to see them, plus point.

But, Why, if the sky is blue, does it change color at times? We owe these colors to the refraction of light. What is that physical phenomenon that produces rainbows when we go out to water the garden, for example?

The sun’s rays hit the water droplets At a certain angle, it changes direction and speed of color reproduction. This is why we always get a rainbow when watering. But, of course, there must be special conditions in the occurrence of light, so it depends a lot on time.

The same thing happens when the rays pass through the atmosphere, but the sun has to be some height above the horizon in order to see the colours. The lower or higher the colors change, providing us with a spectacle that leaves us speechless.

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Here the light “hits” on droplets and crystals of suspended water with dust, oxygen, nitrogen and other gases. All of these particles absorb, scatter and refract light in different directions according to their properties, so the more particles there are, the more vibrant the show will be.

In fact, there is a file visual phenomenon To watch yourself, you have to be patient. The famous green ray of the sunset in which Immediately after sunset, a green flash is observed for no more than two seconds without equality. The Earth gives us so much beauty every day, you just need to stop to look.

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