Travis Scott, Kim Kardashian and Elon Musk: Top 10 Most Polluting Celebrities Using Private Jets in 2023

Taylor Swift won the Grammy Award for Best Pop Vocal Album.


A post from X Taylor Swift's Jets (tracker) account started making the rounds on social media, documenting how the singer made a roughly 13-minute flight between East St. Louis, Illinois, and St. Louis, Missouri. The publication started a debate about the use of this mode of transport and its effects on the environment.

system MyClimate Carbon Tracker It uses public domain flight trackers and social media posts from influencers and celebrities to collect carbon emissions data. The NGO created a list of the 30 most polluting celebrities in 2023.

Rapper Travis Scott is the most polluting person in 2023 using his private jet. He made 137 flights, traveled about 330,000 kilometers and produced 6,000 tons of CO₂ in the last year.

By comparison, an average Colombian produces 1.6 tons of CO₂ per year, as of 2022, according to data from the Ministry of the Environment.

In second place is Kim Kardashian with 167 trips, traveling almost 500,000 kilometers and polluting 5,900 tons of CO₂. Elon Musk, the owner of the X, was third with 338,000 kilometers traveled and 150 trips, producing 4,500 tons of CO₂.

Married Beyoncé and Jay-Z are both in the top five and emit 4,300 tons of CO₂. Microsoft founder Bill Gates took fifth place with 112 flights, traveling nearly 280,000 kilometers and his trips producing 3,700 tons of CO₂ last year.

Also in the top 10 are celebrities Steven Spielberg, Tyler Perry, Leonard Blavatnik, Kylie Jenner and Celine Dion.

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Filmmaker George Lucas, former boxer Floyd Mayweather, actor Tom Cruise, rapper Drake and golfer Tiger Woods are also on the list.

Despite sparking controversy over US singer Taylor Swift's 13-minute flight, she did not appear in the top 30 polluting celebrities on private jets in 2023.

However, in 2022 it ranked 29th on the list with 96 trips, traveling nearly 150,000 kilometers and producing 1,173 tons of CO₂.

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A recent Transport and Environment report found that “CO₂ emissions from private aviation in Europe increased by almost a third (31%) between 2005 and 2019, growing faster than emissions from commercial aviation.” Furthermore, the environmental impact of this mode of transport has led to “calls for a ban on fossil fuel-powered private aircraft in Europe by 2030”.

For its part, the NGO Climate Action Tracker considers that “the International Civil Aviation Organization has committed to achieving zero net carbon emissions from aviation by 2050.” “Emissions.

The NGO said, “International or national efforts to address aviation emissions are based on carbon offsets, raising concerns about permanence and lack of additionality. “Very little attention is paid to reducing aviation demand or actual emissions, other than using offsets.”

If you want to know how many tons of CO₂ you emit by flying, click Here.

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