Yandel: “I’ll Never Stop Singing”

NY On one of the most iconic sites of the historic Empire State Building in New York, number 80, urban artist Yandel reviews the satisfaction of fulfilled dreams, talks about his new projects and admits his excitement at visiting the iconic skyscraper for the first time.

He is celebrating the reception of his latest song Borracho y Loco, which features a collaboration with his compatriot Mike Towers. He has recently accepted Latin Grammy nominations and is taking on new goals with the Warner Music Latin label, through which he is already releasing music proposals and albums.

“Big things are happening right now, and I feel a very pleasant vibe,” he enthused after a tour of the famous building last Thursday, which allowed him to enjoy experiences such as seeing plans designed on the walls of the second floor. Poses in the gallery of the famous character “King Kong” and sits on a bench paying tribute to the workers involved in the construction of the building.

Accompanied by his wife, Edneris Espada, who reached the 102 viewpoint in a matter of seconds, the artist was able to enjoy a panoramic view of New York City for the first time from the famous structure, which rises to 1,454 feet. its antenna).

Cayenne had the honor of lighting the lighting array that illuminated the building with the flags of Latin American countries. (Given (Oscar Mena))

Chance is not accidental. A few minutes earlier, he was responsible for the lighting ceremony of the historic building within the framework of the Hispanic Heritage Month. With his act, the lighting of the famous skyscraper hours later, he initiated an act that mimics the rotation of flags to celebrate Hispanicism and its valuable contribution to the world. The project of flags continued into the early hours of Friday at the historic monument, which receives more than four million visitors annually.

“When they invited me, I felt so honored. I don’t think everyone gets to do this. I’m the first urban artist to come here and they’re giving him a chance to turn that light on,” said the Puerto Rican, the first Latino to perform at the Empire State Building that night. Singer-turned-singer, featuring the likes of Pink and Ed Sheeran, Cayeyano lit up the party on the 80th floor to entertain with a medley of hits like Ahora es, Pegao, Rákata, Pam pam and Yandel 150.

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But first, surrounded by windows and the colors of the sunset appearing on the horizon, Yandel revisited his appearance with Primera Hora and remembered that singing was not an aspiration he had never dreamed of.

“I never sang to people,” she said of an activity she enjoyed amid her shyness. “It was with me, I did it alone, I wrote alone. Then, when I had the opportunity to go to a studio, I started to sing as an artist. But I never sang to anyone,” explained the voice of Encantadora and Mi religion.

At the age of 17, he began to explore the possibility of making music a professional career. “It came when the urban genre came, Vigo C, DJ Blairo came and that genre of urban music started to enter. That’s when I started focusing on being an artist,” he expressed excitedly. “I am a barber and I do not depend on anyone, not even my parents. I already had my children. I earned 500, 600 paisa (dollars) a week, in my pocket, money,” he said proudly. “So I wanted to sing, but I certainly didn’t leave the barber shop.”

As a pioneer of reggaeton, in his duet with his compatriot Visin, he had to face a lot of criticism and rejection. “It was really hard. It was really hard to get into the urban genre because you have to have connections, we’re from the city of Ky, the reggaeton genre is from the Carolinas… so we had to go there to go to the studio, visit DJs Nelson, all the producers in the area.

Yandel thanked the exclusivity and acknowledged the pride he felt at the request of building administrators.
Yandel thanked the exclusivity and acknowledged the pride he felt at the request of building administrators. (Given (Oscar Mena))

But success started coming faster than expected. “Already on my third song, Vamos a Tetenor, we started going to Puerto Rico, all the host festivals, and Visin and Yandel’s success was there from our first song, not that we released many songs. It happened later”.

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It has been more than 23 years since its inception. Dozens of hits, an evolution that includes solo album productions, as well as a long list of awards as a duo and as a soloist are part of the chapters of his artistic career.

With Wisin he experienced a farewell tour called La Última Misión Tour, from the end of 1990, knowing that a definitive farewell could not be done with a partner united by many musical memories.

“Since the beginning, we’ve always created our space to do what we love individually. In 2003 I released my first album as a soloist, Queen Against Me, and Visin El Survivor,” said his personal discography, which includes D Leader A Legend, Update, Queen Against Me 2 and R3Cistencia. Others.. “It’s time again to reinvent ourselves, to work with our teams and give others a chance,” he twinned about the new hiatus.

This position included his debut with the Warner Music Latina label, an alliance he precisely revealed and celebrated during his time at the Empire State Building, and which he sealed with the announcement of the single Borracho y Logo on one of the giant illuminated billboards. Time squared.

“Happy to be a part of this new family and happy to work on new music,” he enthused about the company’s support.

The song evokes the process of heartbreak. “You left me, you broke my heart, I’m here drunk and crazy, going through this moment that I don’t want to, but at the same time I want to be with you, give me a chance.” “

This song will be part of the production of his next album. “It’s called Elite and on that album they’re going to get a perio and reggaeton from the jungle,” he said of the album, scheduled for release in December.

Yandle rides her to the Empire State Building observatory
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The Urban Lecturer is responsible for interpreting the historic New York building within the framework of Hispanic Heritage Month.

At this point in his career, the winner of multiple Latin American Music Awards and Billboard Latin Music Awards, to name a few, is no stranger to awards. But everyone celebrates it first. In fact, two nominations for the 2023 Latin Grammy for Best Urban Fusion/Interpretation and Best Urban Song from Yandel 150 with Feat are celebrating in a big way.

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“I’m very concerned and I love it because I think they’re very prestigious awards and awards that don’t feel like they’ve been bought anywhere,” he insisted. “I feel that this is a very prestigious, very real award, I’m going to go to Spain, I’m going to be there, whether I win or not I already feel very happy, because I feel like I’m going to win. A good track and Yandel 150 is a winning song,” He said, highlighting that the will to continue working is as active as it was at the beginning.

“We continue with the same hunger, like it’s new. That’s my mindset, starting now like a little kid and I’m going to continue with that mindset,” he promised. “I love the studio. I think once I stop singing, what I’m going to do is produce and be in the studio. I will not stop singing even when I am 80.. I plan to sing if I can.

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