Netflix has a new idea to attract …

The most important streaming service provides access to the entire content library, which can become a regular event for two days, thereby attracting new subscribers to Netflix.

Under the auspices of “Streamfest”, anyone can view any topic available on Netflix for two days. The event will be available in India starting December 4th.

This is often a test, and then it will be extended to several countries.

Like other services like Disney +, Netflix has completely dropped the 30-day trial period offered to new subscribers. Instead, streamfest can be seen as a short trial period.

The American company recently tried other ideas, such as suspending fees for some of its own movies and series.

In the third quarter, Netflix added 2.2 million new subscribers, well below the official expectations of 2.5 million. Instead, revenue exceeded expectations, with the U.S. company earning $ 6.44 billion.

The best thing about the company’s evolution is that the demand for loans is declining, while Netflix is ​​getting higher returns, which is close to financing itself.

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