The war must end

The United States stops all support for offensive operations in the Yemen war. Biden: The war must end

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Democrat Joe Biden, a recent investor in the US presidency, said the Yemen war “must end”.

After seven years of intense conflict, the United States announces the withdrawal of all American support for offensive operations in the Yemen war, including arms sales.

Biden said on Thursday “at the same time.” He added, “Saudi Arabia is facing missile attacks, drone attacks and other threats from Iranian-backed forces in several countries. We will continue our support and assistance to Saudi Arabia in defending its sovereignty, territorial integrity and people.”

Saudi Arabia welcomed Biden’s statements, especially his commitment to defend the country and address the threats against it, according to the country’s official news agency.

Biden’s decision contrasts with the policy pursued by Donald Trump, the former White House leader, and that of the Obama administration, in which Biden served as vice president. However, it should be noted that this action is a point around which Biden built his presidential campaign, and now the White House leader has kept his word.

The Washington administration also announced this Timothy Lenderking will become the US special envoy to Yemen.

The United Nations on Yemen: It is the largest humanitarian crisis in the world

Biden’s statement raises hopes for the United Nations, which describes Yemen as the world’s worst humanitarian crisis. Currently, here the famine, economic crisis, poverty and the Coronavirus epidemic shape the picture of the disaster.

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“Greater hope for the people of Yemen”

“Any move that reduces the number of weapons and military activity should be welcomed and it will provide more space and more hope not only for the talks, but more importantly, more hope for the Yemeni people,” the spokesman said on Thursday. United Nations, Stephane Dujarric.

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