File, Knowledge and Vaccine: This can also happen in France

The alarm signal was sounded by Michael Cymes media. ENT surgeon, but especially presenter of health programs on various television and radio stations, told Michael Symes how he contacted reporters Very popular people, Not more than 75 years old, no medical staff for more than 50 years ”- currently vaccinated sections – Intervention for me, a file, ask for vaccine. Of course I said no. ” Says the animator.

But not all doctors seem to be as bad as Michael Symes. So, at the end of January, the CGT union at the Hettel-du Hospital in Paris condemned an irregularity in the vaccination process. “Hospital management refuses to vaccinate Paris City Hall staff and other non-priority VIPs, medical staff and the elderly and vulnerable.” Read the union statement. Comment by an emergency doctor who was interviewed by colleagues on the France 24 channel “Against the backdrop of a shortage like the present, a lot of people are needed, so some have no reason to.”

We remind you that we are currently in the second phase of vaccination in France, i.e. only accepted by medical staff over the age of 75 and over the age of 50, a group of which are included with severe chronic diseases or comorbidities.

The Directorate General of Public Hospitals in Paris, AP-HP, agrees to have an agreement with Citi Hall, but does not specify exactly Vaccination of municipal agents over 50 years of age working in the health sector, community education sector or suffering from comorbidities. In one of these cases there will be about 2,000 agents. Of these, about 1,200 are already on the vaccine list, and about 600 have received the first dose.

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The same negative response, which rejected a minor contract with the hospital, came from the Paris mayor’s office. According to municipal officials, the allegations of the CGT union “Slander.” However, the CGT retains its allegations and claims that not only municipal agents have benefited from the concessions. “Police commissioners, cabinet directors, senior officials – many have come here to be vaccinated.” Medical staff quoted by the union say. It should be noted that Hotel-du, the Parisian hospital where these arrangements took place, is located in Ile-de-la-Citta. A stone was thrown from the Police Headquarters and Paris City Hall, next to the Notre Dame Cathedral. “Getting there is easy, even if there is an acquaintance among the doctors, you give a phone call and you come to get vaccinated,” says the emergency doctor quoted by France 24. “The number of people using this method is low, but they are.”

This type of skating was also found in the French province. Some say so All they did was finish a bottle of vaccine, otherwise it would have been thrown away. People like Alain Roussett, the leader of the Nouvel Aquitaine region, caught Red Hander and said they were doing it. “For those who are reluctant to set an example for others.”

In which An environment of growing and widespread suspicion, Triggered by a vaccine shortage, Prime Minister Jean Costex wanted to take the bulls by the horns and publicly refused to vaccinate. It is true that he is only 55 years old and apparently does not suffer from comorbidities. In the world of sports, it was ordered by the President of the National Olympic Committee It should not be any priority for any athlete. “There are other categories where people need to progress. But at the Olympics, we hope others can be vaccinated without being fined.” Denise Masseklia also said.

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