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During next spring, the Irun Woman’s House will be a reality. The work on the equipment, located on the ground floor of a building in Plaza Estelaga, is progressing at a good pace and the building is expected to open its doors in a few weeks, and is called to be that ‘private room’ that Virginia Woolf spoke of to all the Aeron women.

While awaiting this official start, the Casa de las Mujeres de Irun association took advantage of 8M to hold a symposium to introduce itself to the public and explain the outlines of its project. This entity was created specifically to manage, together with the city council, the Casa de las Mujeres. In yesterday’s event, which took place next to the equipment, under a tent set up in Plaza Estelaga, they encouraged women to “get close” to discover this equipment. The members of the Society asserted that “they come, and know us, and co-operate, and become members… We are all adding, every one of us, and we are all welcome.” At the moment, 70 women make up the entity, “and we will increase.”

Equality Commissioner Mirren Echevest also participated in the symposium to stress that the Casa de las Mujeres project is “resilient. I’ve profiled him extensively and he’s open to all women. Among the attendees were people who had come specifically to learn more about the project: “I participate in other women’s homes in Gipuzkoa and owning one in Irun is a luxury,” declared one of the attendees. Another focused on “the efforts and commitment of women from Irondara and the surrounding area who made this possible. Within feminism, a sorority enters, we don’t judge ourselves among women. Every dress has its own size style and so should feminism.”

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The session concluded in good humor: clown Virginia Imazes gave “clown conclusions” regarding everything discussed, causing laughter among the audience.

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