His pursuer issues an arrest warrant on Halftime

Justice will finally take care The case of Scarlet CambrosThe American soldier who suffered harassment In social networks, because a judge decided to switch Arrest warrant Against the person alleged to be responsible for the harassment, JOSE ANDRES MARTINEZ HERNANDEZ.

What happened to Scarlett Camberos?

Due to this condition, Chambers had to Talk to management Stay away from football for a few days And to be safe. The midfielder is in America with his family, waiting to see what happens in the case.

The situation experienced by the Aguilas football player is before the Revelation Cup, the team is going to focus on Lyon. At this time, The footballer was constantly cyber-bullied The board should have said that.

Since then, the order has left the case in the hands of the authorities, which was finally announced this Wednesday The Mexico City Attorney General’s Office issued the arrest warrant against alleged harassment.

Other activities to support the Camberos

Cambros was suffering from this harassment and took action by filing a formal complaint. It ended with a Restraining order against Jose Andres HernandezBut the situation did not stand still and the authorities acted accordingly.

Facing pressure, Camporos wanted to seek permission from the American board of directors A trip to Los Angeles, where he has been staying for the past few weeks. Despite his current contract, the player is considering not returning to the country to play.

The Scarlet Camberos’ last official game was on February 9 in Aguilas’ tie against Santos. From there He lost fights against San Luis and PachucaAnd the match against Atlas will not be on Monday March 13.

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