United States. Sebastian Cordova admits he is afraid to play in the Concambians

Mexico City /

Performance Olympiad His visit United States On top of that Concomps, Left sequels on the Azul Grema team, where they realized they were scared against the quarterfinals Portland Timber.

Sebastian Cordova, One Four players from the Eagles It ended with a conspiracy against the Honduran team, pointing out the uncertainty How the refereeing work is done After the devastating performance of Henry Bezrano, who There was no end to the aggression During the meeting.

“True Yes, there are fears of neutrality and so on. They will give it to you And the arbitrators have no solution. There is nothing else in that arbitrator’s case Yes there is little fear, But whatever you can play, you can play without problems, “the midfielder told ESPN.

They carry everything for matches

Cordova He came out with a blow to the hip in that match, after which he did not participate with the Eagles Santiago Solari I believed I should have it Concoff, A challenge that the player wants to face because the desire to win the series is the best.

“As a player You always want to play, it does not change, If they tell us to play a game, I’m glad it’s always the same regardless of the circumstances, on the other hand, I always want to thank the fans for their support and let them know that we are always there We have ambition and hunger Must be a champion in any competition “.

When does the United States play in the Confederations?

The Eagles They will face the first leg against the Conservatives quarterfinals Portland Timber This Wednesday from central Mexico at 9:30 p.m.

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