Dead immigrants shouted for his rescue

On Sunday Pope Francis considered it a disgrace that 130 migrants had died in the Mediterranean, asking for two days’ help from a crowded rubber cliff about the sinking off the Libyan coast, but rescuers would like to “look the other way”.

Immigrants asked for help Wednesday. On Thursday, when a humanitarian rescue ship and a merchant ship aboard the rough seas arrived at the scene, the wasted park was partially submerged, with several bodies in the water and no survivors found.

EU border security agency Frontex says rescue centers in Libya, Malta and Italy have been alerted.

“I admit that I am deeply saddened by the tragedy that has once again occurred in recent days in the Mediterranean,” the pope told the crowd gathered in St. Peter’s Square to hear his traditional sermon on Sunday noon. From the invisible window overlooking the square. “One hundred and thirty settlers have died at sea. They are individuals. They sought human lives, two days in vain help. Help not come, ”said Francisco.

“Let us pray for these brothers and sisters, and let us ask ourselves questions about this eleventh tragedy,” Pope said. “It’s a moment of shame.”

“We pray for these brothers and sisters and for many who continue to die on these dramatic journeys,” Francisco continued. “We also pray for those who can help, but we want to look the other way. We silently pray for them.”

The SOS Mediterranean, which went to the rescue ship Ocean Viking Park location amid strong winds and waves, said a Libyan Coast Guard ship should have reached the scene, but never did so.

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Hours after the pope’s complaint, he said the Italian Coast Guard, with the help of a cargo ship, had assisted a large trawler-equipped fishing boat.

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