WhatsApp in space: NASA has teamed up with Nokia to deliver Internet to the moon

This revolutionary mission will be key to ensuring that humanity has access to the satellite again in 2026 through a mission called “Artemis.”

astronaut, nasa, space. Image: Unsplash

It will cooperate with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and the most famous telecommunications company Nokia SpaceX To launch a missile carrying 4G satellite network. If they achieve this, this great step will allow the planet to be inhabited.

A SpaceX mission will provide Internet to the white satellite this year. Lunar landing module It will be installed in Antarctica From the moon and It will be controlled from the ground. However, it is not yet known exactly what the take-off date will be.

Walt Englund Subordinate NASA's Space Technology Mission DirectorateHe explained that the main challenge facing the network in its work is to have Eligible cellular deviceWith a certain weight and size and also enough power to use.

Astronaut in outer space.  Photo: OnspachAstronaut in outer space. Photo: Onspach

Moreover, the expert noted that the device should be Suitable for operation in the hostile lunar environmentDue to extreme temperatures and radiation.

The 4G communication module will allow the search for frozen water on the satellite, carried out by the Micro-Nova Hopper robot, to be transmitted from space. This technology will be key to Humanity will set foot on lunar Earth again in 2026As NASA expects.

Annular solar eclipse from Atlanta, United States.  Photo: EFE.

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How do astronauts communicate in space?

Today, astronauts communicate Through the radio system Installing the Internet will allow NASA to broadcast High-resolution videos of space missionsSo that the inhabitants of the Earth can see what is happening hundreds of kilometers away.

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Moon, NASA, celestial body.  Image: UnsplashMoon, NASA, celestial body. Image: Unsplash

“The ability to communicate on the moon is essential for Artemis.”Engelund stressed that the fourth generation technology on the satellite is no less important than water to drink and air to breathe.

Engelund said creating a lunar communications network could help explorers transmit scientific data instantly or immediately Speak with their families more fluentlyjust like ground technologies like WhatsApp.

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