There are no rumors that Like will go on air and Pati Sabhoi will be very happy with the result

  • ‘Gossip No Like’ started airing on a+ from November 2021.
  • Apparently this Friday, March 10, the show will air on TV Azteca.
  • Pati Saboi has already heard the news and will be very happy if this happens.

arrival Eliza Beristain and Javier CerianI am with ‘Don’t like gossip’ to do Aztec TV In November 2021, he raised an air among some celebrities on the TV station, but the difficult thing is that they are scheduled. Same schedule as ‘Ventaneando’Star show of events in Ajusko.

It was revealed then Patty Chapoy I was very upset with that decision by the content director at the time Sandra Semester From then on a strong rivalry between the two programs sounded.

Now, Alex Coffey reveals it ‘Gossip No Like’ airs on a+By decision TV Azteca’s new content director, Adrian Ortega.

According to Coffey, the show is hosted by Eliza Beristain and Javier Ceriani The last airs next Friday March 10.

And the driver revealed it Pati Sabo was one of the first to hear the news Because he is also a shareholder of the company I was very happy to know that ‘Gossip No Like’ is going on air.

“Patricia Chaboy Acevedo is delighted with this news. Having earned her rank as a shareholder of the Ajusko TV station, she was, I repeat, one of the first to know the information that made her so happy,” Kafi said through her article in a national newspaper.

For his part, Eliza Beristain posted on her social networks that her “chism no like” contract with TV Azteca was not renewed. “Ladies and Gentlemen, today we inform you that our contract with Azteca has expired and has not been renewed yesterday, Monday, due to channel-wide program changes such as movies and soap operas. We appreciate your permission throughout this week. After we announce it, we say goodbye to our public and as we enter, “Let’s go out the front door, the only show in the world that jumped from YouTube to Open TV. They expressed their interest in our stay at TV Azteca Internacional to continue successfully. Reaching 29 countries”.

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