Deputy Morena calls on UAS to guarantee space for applicants

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Culiacan, Sinaloa: Representative calls on the American University to guarantee the right of young people to education; He also criticized the 100 percent increases in pre-registration fees imposed this year

Morena's deputy, Rubén Miranda López, called on the authorities of the Autonomous University of Sinaloa to fully guarantee the right of young people to education in the entity and to avoid restricting access to educational institutions, as this is an almost criminal act.

The local legislator accused the continued deprivation of educational opportunities in the state of Sinaloa, especially in the controversial admissions processes at the Autonomous University of Sinaloa (UAS), where an online platform prevails that ignores many applicants.

“Once again, it applies the same procedure that it used in previous years, which is access to a platform that lasts a few minutes, which leaves many young people without access, at least, to the right to start the registration process,” he noted.

The MP called on the UAS authorities to ensure that all applicants receive a participation form and that selection processes are fair, public and transparent.

He gave the example of the Independent University of the West, whose new basic law stipulates in Article 6 the right to access its programs with equal opportunities and maximum transparency.

He added that stopping access to education means ending a life project not only for the interested person, but also for his current and future family, as human and social development cannot be explained without making education a basic knowledge tool.

Likewise, he criticized that US university pre-registration fees doubled this year by 100%, rising from 250 to 500 pesos for high school and bachelor's degrees, which is economically discriminatory.

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Miranda Lopez also urged her fellow legislators to join this issue and be sensitive to the population that today is demanding the right of their children to obtain upper secondary and tertiary education.

He also called on the Sinaloan community to revolutionize the idea that studying is a blessing or support, and to strongly demand the exercise of this right guaranteed by the Constitution.

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