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It’s done Widely On social networks, a video supposedly showing the eruption of a volcano seen from space. In addition, among the interactions with the posts of the video in question, comments such as: This is what an erupting volcano looks like from space. And I don’t see any environmentalists complaining.” also “Thank God volcanoes do not produce greenhouse gases“.

The volcano in question is Kliuchevskoi, located in Eastern Siberia (Russia) The content is related to eruption in September 1994. The video was created from a NASA image.

The photo was taken by NASA astronauts

As we were able to verify, the video was produced from a still image. The original image was taken from space by NASA astronauts in 1994.. The agency shared the photo in various media such as flickr or in your official web. The image of the volcano is accompanied by the following explanation: “The crew used a 70mm camera to photograph this view from the northwest of the erupting volcano plume off the Kamchatka Peninsula. The eruption was photographed from 115 nautical miles above Earth. Six NASA astronauts spent a week and a half on a shuttle. Space Endeavor in support of the Space Radar Laboratory 2 (SRL-2) mission”.

The original image was shared by NASA

Ernest BarreraAEMET meteorologist, defends that it is clearly a synthetic animation and points out how to do it Video elements “remain constant except for the volcanic column”. This is for example The surrounding clouds do not move While smoke from the eruption “travels about 80 kilometers in 6 seconds,” according to video-based meteorological calculations.

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Video from at least 2020

After doing an advanced search on Twitter, we’ve verified that the video has been moving since at least April 21, 2020. On this day, the Twitter account @Physdashastro Share this video.

Screenshot of Tweet 2020

In the content you can see Website watermark “”. a tweet Whoever shared the video says he got it via @TheSpaceAcad, which corresponds to the watermark. If we search this user’s mentions, we will see that they are unavailable, but He changed his name to Physdashastro.

Look for TheSpaceAcad tags where the new name appears

In short, the original photo of the Klyuchevskoye volcano was taken in 1994 by NASA astronauts from the space shuttle Endeavor. It is a still image from which the video that is now viral was created.

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