Universidad Michoacana be the epicenter of science and technology: Carlos Herrera

The Universidad Michoacana de San Nicols de Hidalgo (UMSNH) will be the science and conscience of the next state government and, with it, begin a new stage of splendor for the educational institution, anticipated the candidate for the Governor of Equipment for Michoacn, Carlos Herrera Tello.

When holding a meeting with Ral Crdenas Navarro, rector of the highest state house of studies and university authorities, Herrera Tello In full respect for university autonomy, it offered to work hand in hand with university students in the development of training opportunities for academics, employees, researchers and the more than 50 thousand Nicolaitans students.

The invitation is to build from congruence to create a new stage of splendor for the University and the State, always taking care of university autonomy to achieve an effective link and collaboration between the University and the social, productive and governmental sectors, he stressed.

Herrera Tello recognized the great potential of the Casa de Hidalgo to contribute to the economic development and sustainable development of Michoacn, therefore, he pointed out that, when he is governor, create linkage mechanisms between the Michoacan University and other institutions of higher and higher education, with companies and social organizations to draw up common projects that lead to improve the living conditions of Michoacans in the various regions.

The Universidad Michoacana is present in several of the eight axes that make up the Government Program 2021-2027 in which we will work hand in hand with the Nicolaitans for the common good, he said.

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For his part, the rector Ral Crdenas Navarro thanked Carlos Herrera for his visit and his close relationship with the Universidad Michoacana, and celebrated the possibilities of generating joint linkage mechanisms, in order to generate institutional development.

The meeting with the rector Ral crdenas joins other meetings held by the common candidate of the PRI, the PAN and the PRD with various university sectors, to whom he has recognized that the Nicolaitans have always had a lot to contribute to local, regional and national development.


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