‘We have been saying your name for a long time’; Libre and Logos asked Luce

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Miguel Herrera “With Half the World” appears consistently Tigers. Was First interview with Nahuel Guzman, Has revealed various appearances in the media Now he was the “soul” of the club, incomparable fans had to attend, Which was represented by five people, each with an animation or an ambassador for the fan group, among them Free and logos.

Everyone agrees that they expect “more wins and titles” taking advantage of the fact that the team is enjoying “its best time” and Ariasuls fans were able to talk to him face to face. Lose the long wait on the volcano.

This was an open secret in the roster When a bad situation arose, we said: ‘Miguel is good to come’, We have said this for many years because of the character you have, this is already a fact and we are going to expect the best from you, ”the spokesperson said. Free and logos.

What was Miguel Herrera’s first goal?

“The first purpose is to get to know the two largest companies we represent, Tigress’ name should be the best in Mexican football. The fans are like that, the team has to be the same, we will seek our idea and style to make them very happy and achieve the goals, ”he said. Loose.

What does Piojo think of Dykrus fans?

Considered one of Mexico’s best pastimes, the new leader of the U.S. knows he has nothing to ask or ask for, he has everything Live up to expectations and demands.

It would be very foolish for me to ask for something from you Or someone, you have always been, you have nothing else to do. I work to ensure that the results continue to be successful, but with the football you want to see. “

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