Tomb of Stef Gomez de Exotlin and pipe by Govit-19

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Unfortunately the bad news does not end with the athlete Step Gomez Who left a few months ago Exatlón: Against the Titans. Knights Due to the fracture of the animal. Family and friends announced Wednesday that they had been affected Govt 19, Its condition is smooth and He is fighting for his life.

Of Athletes Mixed martial arts After leaving the reality show in the Dominican Republic, he faces a new challenge because he suffers from health problems due to Covit-19, which requires voluntary donations, they pointed out. Keno Martell, Pamela Vertiram and Mattie Alvarez, Former partners of the project.

“The speed and power that struck the virus step Severe swelling in your lungs, Reduces the ability to breathe. It was necessary to rush her to the hospital as she did not have time, equipment and conditions to recover her at home. The only alternative to avoiding cardiospiral arrest is to inject her”, His sister said in a recreated message via Instagram.

They ask for financial and platelet support

The Human Torch He has a loving nickname and he is in a serious and subtle condition, so he needs more expensive treatment and equipment rental.

Gomez is being hospitalized at Puebla Hospital, a private hospital, so costs continue to rise His family should ask for support from his followers.

Signs of affection are not waiting for Steff, who continues to inspire millions of people with his discipline in the sport.

Some users of social networks wrote, “Strength for our human torch”, “We ask you” and “Get well soon, precious”.

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