Incredible life story of Miguel Angel, a young man who moved on with the 12th line story

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Due to the tragedy of Metro Line 12 in Mexico City, many stories have been published about this tragic event. Among them, 35-year-old Miguel Angel Cordova Cordova, who lived on the streets and slept under a collapsed tall stretch, attracted much attention.

The story of seeing Miguel Angel was published by him in an interview with digital media Ruido en la Red, which went viral and many people rallied to search for him and help him.

After that, Vanessa Farias Maya, a journalist from the media, asked him again to interview him regularly and learn the story of his life, which is very moving.

In the interview, Miguel, who mentions that he likes to be called Angie, left Tabasco when he was 6 years old, describing that he did not want to deepen up because of the situation with his father. He explained that he was from the town of Olguit in the municipality of Nagajuka and that he had left there in a trailer, which had taken him to Lake Texco.

He recalled that the driver gave him a 10 peso bill and when they met again he promised to buy his own trailer to drive the vehicle, but he never saw the person again.

Angie commented that from that age she learned to survive without hurting anyone, so she moved from Texas to Salamanca in Guanajuato, where she began working in a nursing home in San Vicent for the elderly.

“I came, they put me in the laundry. There were no washing machines. I drove in the tubs, all the clothes, urinating, boob, every day, sheets, jumping, changing water, change the soap and wash again and trend,” he recalls. கூர்ந்தார்.

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“I lived there for a few very happy years, I went to elementary school, there I went to the basement because there was a library, I sat there to swallow books, I learned to read well, I got a taste of books there. “.

At the age of 16, he left the refuge and returned to Mexico City, where he then moved to Tijuana, where he charged 10 pesos to feed 90 pigs in a hatchery for two months. He then went to live in Monterrey, where he met Ana Barbara, to whom he sent a message:

“If my Altacrecia is watching me, I’m still alive here, I told her this madman did not explode. I met her in Geribio, Montreal. Barbis, My Altacracia “.

Then he said, “I had so many beautiful experiences with her that I did not experience in her childhood. She gave me and rewarded them at the age of 16. With great respect, she was my great mother, one after another.”

To that message, singer Ana Barbara responded via her Instagram account: “My dear Miguel Angel, ‘Angie’, your message has finally reached me, and I’m so grateful for that. It’s hard to address you because I know I found you, but I found you again , I saw you again, I saw all those who follow me, someone left a little love in his heart because he is a part of my soul “, and he sang the song ‘Fruda Forbidden’.

His last destination before settling in Mexico City was in Nairobi, where he sold the bracelets he was given. Already in the capital he began to collect and sell cans and plastic bottles, which would give him enough money to eat two tacos of chili and salt, and a water with a tank, what he needed to be happy.

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“Tragedy is in me, but it’s never going away, because the brain has things that will never be forgotten,” Angie explained, reluctant to talk to her family about the past.

One of Miguel’s most magical memories happened one night when he was raining in the city, he found a bag full of bottles, he sold it, for which he got enough money to buy snacks, and he had an atoll. Saw the movie ‘Konda Coyote’.

Finally, he expressed the dream he wanted to fulfill, “My biggest dream, to retire now is a job, parking, a small room. My dream has always been my day job and watching TV.”

Although he did not want to talk much about his family, journalist Asusena Uresti contacted Eusencio Cordova, who promised that he was Miguel Engel’s brother, and that the last time they saw him was on August 14, 2015.

But undoubtedly the most shocking thing was that he said his family thought he was already dead because they told the authorities they could not find him, and that, fifteen days later, the state prosecutor’s office informed them that they had found a body with a tattoo of his brother and a scar As it was, it was obviously the only thing they could not confirm was his face, because he could no longer be distinguished.

After seeing him in the news, Eusencio and his family were surprised that his story had gone viral. “We were so shocked, we took him for the dead, we were looking for an opportunity to go to Mexico City for him. I found out they showed me a photo, he did not recognize me he only recognizes that this is my sister Christina. We do not want to force him to come. If he does not want to come. , His reasons will be. “

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Finally, he sent him a message saying, “We want him to contact my mom and talk to her and say, ‘Mom, I’m fine.’

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