Tandon on networks to Paula Capetillo for makeup video

Daughter of BB Cayton and Eduardo Capetillo, Ana Paula in the cupboard To make quick makeup she recently posted a video tutorial on her social networks. However, the young influence did not get the best comments against him.

It should be noted that Ana Paula has four more siblings, but only her and her sister Alejandra Cupid They have decided to be public figures and to be in front of cameras digitally with content for Instagram and YouTube.

Through Instagram, Paula posted a short video showing how her followers can act. Quick makeup, For all occasions, but without appearing natural.

Although the 24-year-old is characterized by breeding different varieties Beauty videosSome users of the social network commented that its content was boring and that it was always the same, and they questioned whether it had lost a few kilos.

“Always change makeup and videos They endured The same “,” no need to abuse makeup (face powder) “,” I do not know how the women and ninces who make a video are, everyone is excited “,” beauty products look Carelessness, Check that your clothes are in good condition. “Wrote some Netizens.

However, that was not all because some of her followers praised her for protecting her from those who hated her Natural beauty Thank you from the influencer, as well as the advice he shares.

“Divine and Hermosa“,” I loved it “,” Wow thank you for sharing your custom my style, I will try some that I do not have ” Bonita You don’t need it without makeup “,” You don’t occupy anything right “,” Beautiful, light makeup is good for you, enhances your beauty. Congratulations“Some of the comments he got were in favor of him.

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In addition, it should be noted that the young woman has always been Support Of his parents, especially his mother, PB Cayton, Who is proud of his daughters at all times.

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