Ulpiano Suarez opened the new ACA Café, a space that was closed during the pandemic

Ulpiano Suarez opened the new ACA Café

A new sweet factory was inaugurated at the ACA Café in the presence of Ulpiano Suarez.

Courtesy of Mendoza City Press

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The mayor toured the facilities, had coffee, and talked a little about the history of the place. On their account X (formerly Twitter) they mentioned that they accompanied the opening of Aromas Café, A The space has been renovated so that Mendoza residents and tourists can continue to meet each other through good conversation.

The emblematic ACA café and its history

After being closed for more than three years, its doors were reopened thanks to Analia Carrasco under the name Coffee flavors.

Historical place Born in 1940However, it became relevant in 1984 when it acquired the franchise Louis iaconetti, Former goalkeeper for Club Atletico Argentino. Louis was the one responsible for the remodeling and even the installation of the wooden bar that people used to drink coffee on the go.

Iaconetti was also responsible for opening the doors of confectionery to the world of sports. The space has become a meeting point not only for football but also for famous political figures, businessmen and journalists..

Later, it became a restaurant called Vittorio’s But The epidemic forced its owner to lower the curtains in 2020.

Since then, the facade of the place has been covered with consortium bags covering its windows. On Tuesday, he opened a café that could once again become a meeting point for Heart of downtown.

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