“It will do us no good to enter the league as a walk-on.”


Real Espana will risk their lives in the final of the regular rounds of the Apertura competition. It is up to them to get into the league, but the task is complicated.

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With this in mind, Elias Barbara, President of Arinegra, addressed various issues concerning his group.

Speaking to Diario Diez ahead of the game against Real Sociedad at the Olympic Stadium, the top prof noted that they are not accelerating and will go day by day to see what happens.

Diego Vázquez reveals the reason behind his departure from Pedro, offers and answers, will he return to Motagua?

“There’s no point in entering the league if you’re going to go for a walk,” he said clearly, as he recalled players sent out on loan, and what did he think of Bupa Lopez not calling up? Bi-color nationality?

-Interview with Elias Barbara-

If Real Espana’s aim is to qualify for the league, then the regular rounds will be electrifying. Is the team ready for this pressure?

We’re going day by day, we can’t expect anything, we hope to get the three points from today.

—Apart from being a good matchup for Real España, there is a hidden potential for them to qualify. What is your opinion?

As I told you, we are going day by day and we have to win today. The most important thing for us is that we meet again and be a real Espana that can compete, that can make these fans happy, because entering the league has no benefit for us. Most importantly, the team that made us contend a season ago is returning.

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How did you see the team’s approach under the leadership of Miguel Falero?

I see a commitment from the players and the coaching staff, and little by little the team is coming together. Miguel recognized a lot of mistakes and I hope we have a better look.

– Is it cleared for next year? Honestly…

No, no, no… no. Let’s make a hypothesis that we are making a list of ups and downs today, so what if one of the players on that list starts scoring, shining and doing important things or starts doing erratic things. I think it’s pretty reckless to think about it now. Let’s wait until this is over.

What do you think of the outstanding performances of the players you sent out on loan, for example Alejandro Reyes and Gerson Chavez?

They left the club for a reason, we believe they have learned their lesson and if they are ready to return, they should, if not, it will be Professor Miguel Falero who decides the situation.

– Are you looking for Diego Vasquez as Real Espana’s coach?

No no.

Never, not even in the past?

No hahaha.

What do you think about Bupa Lopez not being included in the national team, especially with his rising status?

You have to respect Professor Reynaldo Ruda’s decisions, you have to trust him, and as a Honduran you believe that the whole call is the best for the national team as he sees it.

As for Luis, I hope he will be back soon, I have a lot of confidence in his ability and I am clear that he is still the best goalkeeper in Honduras.

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