Galilea Montejo's wax figure divides opinion again: “It looks like Laura Leone”

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Last weekend, Galilea Montejo unveiled a wax figure at the wax museum in her hometown of Guadalajara. It is the second one created in his memory.

What did Galilea Montejo say about her wax figure?

Created to Montejo's precise measurements, the figure, also wearing a costume by designer Benito Santos, was unveiled to the public and media for the first time last Saturday.

“Thank you to the wax museum for taking me into account, especially in Guadalajara, where my family is, a city that is very important and dear to me,” said Galilea Montejo.

In his social networks he wrote: “Thanks again to the wax museum, now my image in my beautiful land of Guadalajara. What an honor! By loving my people and my land of Guadalajara. Thank you Benito Santos for your clothes. .”

Does Galilea Montejo's wax figure look like her?

The host seems amused by the wax figure. However, opinions were divided on social networks.

While some felt that the statue closely resembled Driver, others pointed out that the features were exaggerated.

“Change her wig, it's Laura Leone”, “She doesn't look like Galilea Montejo”, “The wax figure looks like Jenny Rivera”, “The wax figure is too strong”, “They look the same in clothes”, wrote social media users.

The same thing has already happened to another of his wax figures.

In December 2022, Galilea Montejo unveiled her first wax figure in a museum located in Mexico City. On that occasion, the famous lady was accompanied by her then husband Fernando Reina and her son.

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The idea to capture his face and image began in 2019However, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it has been delayed. It was an eight-month process to refurbish parts of the statue and detail the costumes.

In 2022, Galilee released its first image.

“We chose a dress from a reality show, and people at the museum asked me if they wanted to take a photo with me, and I thought maybe it was from a reality show, and I chose this dress that I really liked, and this is the finale. 'Va por de' for Univision,” she said. said the presenter at the event.

During this time, the figure received both positive and negative comments, with Galilea being compared to Lucia Mendes.

What is the process of making a wax figure?

According to Galilea Montejo: “The creative process was interestingIt's a long process because they put a straw in your face and you can't talk for two or three hours and you're claustrophobic, but it's a way of saying thank you to everyone who was with me in one way or another.

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