Angela Aguilar surprises men with an emotional photo of her life

It is precisely the little girl’s thing that since the outbreak, artists and celebrities have taken advantage of social distance. Angela Aguilar, He established himself as a person Feminine Our country is very important Last years.

Worth Remember Angela established herself as a pledge of talent youth In regional Mexican music like his father Approved For his music all over the world, because of his musical successes he was able to attract various followers.

However, the dynasty is very small Aguilar She leads a double life despite being a young woman EngagementCan’t help her, but can’t take her life as a teenager on the one hand, remember she’s only a 17 year old young woman.

In this sense, Angela has expressed that it is like having a second life, because on the one hand she is Regular And activities as a teenager and student, but on the other hand, he leads a life of fame and success, shaping himself as an artist entering the Ranchera classics popularized by women of the genre such as Luca Villa, Rocio Turkel., Lola Peltron.

Angela has shared a photo with men of her life

Let’s remember that the talented young woman is the youngest daughter Jose Antonio Aguilar Jimenez, Pepe Aguilar is also known for his music The world, Because of their successes Music Was able to impress various followers.

In this sense, through sites Digital Let’s take a closer look Leonardo Aguilar, Pepe is two years older than Aguilar’s son Angela.

It was precisely with them Popular Shared an emotional photo where he can be seen laughing with men, his brother and himself in his life Father.

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