The City Council Training Center a space to look for opportunities to find a job

Where more than 1,000 students have already passed

Víctor Torres, the person in charge of coordinating the training courses that takes place in the Center located in the San Rafael polygon of our city, has kindly been in charge of giving all kinds of explanations about these facilities, together with the Councilor for Employment, Juan A. Andújar, to the informants who have traveled there:

“The Hellín City Council Training Center is made up of 10 industrial buildings, in a space of 3,500 square meters, two of them dedicated to classrooms and offices and the rest to trades, two classrooms of 30 square meters, another large one of 60 square meters and two for computer science, two other smaller ones, for when the courses are made up of few students.

At the top, he continued, one of the offices, which was very large, was set up as a classroom, there is also a teachers’ room, for meetings, meetings, and a small library where books on almost all trades are collected “.

Later, the coordinator pointed out that this Center, which is logically dedicated to trades, now had 15 certified professional certificates, but the vast majority are for trades: welding, plumbing, woodwork, gas installations, nursery, which It has been set up in a green area that exists, for courses, with two greenhouses, a shade area and gardening work.

Beginning of a cooking course level 2
“At present there are quite a few courses underway, the welding, the plumbing, the RECUAL, we also have assigned facilities for a course for people with disabilities and it must be taken into account that in the coming weeks a level cooking course will begin 2, taking advantage of the occasion to make public that there are still places to be filled ”.

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Regarding the capacity of the classrooms, Víctor Torres, indicated that the total was 100 students at the same time, and that more than 1,000 people had passed through the Center since its inauguration and, for example, currently, there were 15 plumbing students and 11 welding.

He also reiterated the great reception that the welding course had had since its inception, and they have been organized for six years, with a great offer and a magnificent performance, something that can be demonstrated because they continue to be received at the Center Offers from companies in Hellín and abroad so that we can send them internships and work students and this is the sixth year they are taking place.

Finally, he indicated that there were foreigners who also came to take these courses, right now there are 15 students, and 11 welding.

Maintenance expenses borne by the City Council
Juan Antonio Andújar, also intervened to questions from informants to clarify that the City Council bears all the maintenance costs of this center, a cost that does not want to be included in the expenses of the courses, so that the money subsidized by the Board of Communities or other entities to support the training is entirely devoted to it.

He also added that a new work has been awarded for the Center with money from EDUSI to expand the facilities and possibilities. With the RECUAL, what was indicated by the Provincial Council was an adaptation where the Commerce classroom is going to be carried out, whose work has been awarded to a company in Hellín, where courses will be given in the branch of the services sector, which had not been given for Lack of space given the security regulations due to the pandemic caused by the coronavirus, and it was also interesting that the Center has a space dedicated to an assembly hall to be able to carry out activities of this type, such as the delivery of diplomas, which had to be done in the city Hall.

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At the end of the explanations, we were able to visit one of the warehouses where these trade courses are carried out, precisely the one that we could consider as a wild card, which is none other than welding, which is directed by José Ibáñez, whose students, like Víctor Torres had already explained it to us, they have a high percentage of chances of finding a job at the end.

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