Taylor Swift's teachers reveal what she was like at school: “She was always writing poetry”

From her early school years, Taylor Swift showed signs of potential stardom. (EFE/Armando Arorizo/Instagram)

Taylor Swift's influence on music and her dedication to her art have deep roots in her childhood. From his beginnings at school in Pennsylvania, USA, he already showed an innate love for writing and music, laying the foundation for a successful musical career worldwide.

In a recent interview with CBS Philadelphia, Then two of his teachers shared their memories Swift's early interest in poetry and how his exceptional abilities were already evident.

Teachers remember Taylor's passion for poetry and music from childhood. (Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports)

Barbara Colweg, the singer's first- through fourth-grade music teacher at Wyndcroft School in Pottstown, described how, from a young age, Taylor was always writing poetry, even when she had to focus on other class activities. The statement comes after the actor's most recent association with the literary genre following his new album The Tortured Poets Department.

I was always writing poetry. Even in music class, even when I shouldn't be,” said Kolweck, who gave Taylor her first song as a solo artist, in a sample titled “Fast Talk Freddy.” In this way he indicated the budding musical talent of the future star. And he added:I think I might have given him a little spark or motivation. To do what I was doing.”

The now-retired academic fondly preserves memories of that time, including a stuffed snowman the artist gave him, which he is proud to have contributed even a little to his student's motivation to pursue his passion.

According to her teachers, Taylor Swift spends her time writing poetry even when she shouldn't (@taylorswift)

For its part, Heather BrownThird grade teacher Taylor Swift, highlighting his natural magnetism, as well as his ability to attract and hold the attention of his teammates, was a special quality that Brown immediately recognized. “I don't get messages anymore, but I send him a Christmas card every year. I continue to write letters and congratulate him“, he admitted.

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For Taylor's teacher, each student has a special quality. “You always remember every student for the quality they have,” he said. In this case, what would the singer be? Heather has an answer based on her own experience: “Taylor's quality was simply one of those students that impressed people”.

One of Taylor Swift's teachers said, “Everything she touches turns to gold.” (REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni//File Photo)

Brown highlights one characteristic of Swift: “Everything she touches turns to gold”. For now, she's excited about what's coming next, though she thinks it's all pretty surreal. “When he comes on stage and everybody's yelling 'Taylor,' it's like, God, I was his teacher!”, he admitted.

The success of Taylor Swift It's not just about your personal achievements. On the release of their eleventh album, Department of Tortured Poetshas broken records in SpotifyIntegrates as Most played artist in a single dayAnd his album was the most listened to during the same period.

The album “Department of Tortured Poets” is a reflection of personal events and emotions. (Taylor Swift)

Additionally, he managed to get his single “Fifteen days”, a collaboration with Post Malone is Most Played Song A single day in the history of the music scene. Beyond the Numbers, Swift describes the album as “a collection of new works that reflect events, ideas, and feelings from a fleeting, fatal moment.”

“Once we tell our sad story, we can get rid of it. Later on All that remains is the tortured poem“, in control. The 31 songs from Taylor's most recent album are available starting April 19.

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