Ambassador Sonia Guzman calls on disaster companies to support science – El Nuevo Diario (Dominican Republic)

El Nuevo Diario, United States – Dominican Ambassador to the United States, Sonia Guzman, called on companies and institutions in the Dominican Republic to provide greater support to young Dominicans venturing into the field of science.

Sonia Guzman congratulated the participation of the four Dominican teams that competed in the international event “NASA Human Exploration Challenge (HERC)”, held in Huntsville, Alabama, two of which received awards.

69 teams from all over the world participated in the activity, and the Dominican Republic had four teams: Liceo Científico Dr. Miguel Canela Lázaro, from Villa Tapia; Iberia Institute, Santiago; Loyola Specialized Graduate Institute, San Cristobal; And the Technological Institute of Santo Domingo.

“We are proud and satisfied that the Dominican team from the Technological Institute of Santo Domingo, with its Rover Apollo 27, won second place in the aforementioned competition. In addition, they also won the award for the team with the best spirit.

The diplomat also highlighted the work of the Loyola Graduate Institute team, which won the award for best security plan throughout the project.

The Ambassador also thanked senior officials at NASA for their praise, who highlighted the spirit of cooperation, enthusiasm and technical preparation of the Dominican Republic teams, who left the national flag high.

Event details

Each year, NASA's Human Exploration Challenge (HERC) presents an engineering design challenge to engage students around the world in the next phase of human space exploration.

The primary goal of HERC is for student teams to design, develop, build and test human-powered vehicles, capable of traversing difficult terrain similar to that found on the Moon and instrumented to complete various mission tasks.

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