“Remembering Florencio Molina Campos”


In March the cultural space would open: “Remembering Florencio Molina Campos”

Not only will it be dedicated to exhibiting collectors’ objects, but the idea is to generate an income to collaborate with institutions that really need the help of the community. At this time, the work team of the house located at Avenida Miter 482 needs materials to complete the refurbishment of the facilities.

By Laura Méndez

From the Editorial Board of EL TIEMPO

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the collection of objects by Florencio Molina Campos by Rubén Escudero, who held a tribute exhibition at the Radio Azul facilities. It turns out that after that, he dedicated himself to looking for a space where he can exhibit most of the collection, until in September a resident of the city lent him a house located on Avenida Miter 482 so that they could remodel it, fix it and stay, of course. this way, a cultural center.

The objectives ?: that the collectors have a place to exhibit and that, on some occasions, it is possible to charge a modest entrance fee and donate that amount to institutions in this city.

From the moment that Ruben Escudero received the house on loan, together with a friend Roberto Draghi and more relatives, they dedicated weekends to working in the space.

EL TIEMPO spoke with Escudero who anticipated that by March he would be opening the doors to the public. Even the cultural center already has a name: “Remembering Florencio Molina Campos”.

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Work and dedication for the good common

In the first place, Escudero said that “it has been three months that we are restoring the house, we have very little to do because we are lacking materials.”

In this context, he continued, “we go almost every day, we installed the lighting, in fact we organized a raffle to buy the light fixtures and Diego González donated what was missing from the light.”

In the same way, the collector described the house: “there is an entrance, a wide room and a smaller one. In addition to the patio that, with the finished corridor, would serve us to exhibit”.

He stressed that “we are in need of white paint, varnish, filler to paint the walls, we have the lamiplast that they donated to us to finish the ceiling since it was raining. We would still need to paint. We only need the floor: sand it and stain it. We have to finish a corridor although We need some braces and plates to complete it. We don’t need much but we need to get materials. ”

To finish, he said that “if we can complete the works, in March we will be opening to the public. The opening exhibition will be that of Florencio Molina Campos, but the idea is to summon collectors and that they can have their space as they gave it to me for 10 years”.

In the same way, Escudero pointed out that “surely when we can build a bathroom, teachers or workshops can join to teach classes.”

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Whoever wishes to contact Ruben Escudero can do so at 15300358.

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