Twain Johnson surprised his mom with a car for Christmas

(CNN) – Twain Johnson has given his mother a heartfelt surprise this Christmas.

The actor and businessman has recorded the sweet moment of gifting a car to his mother over the holiday weekend.

His young daughters helped him to great expression.

“I was shocked,” Johnson wrote. “She made some good ugly screams. Then once her grandchildren joined her in the car. She was overwhelmed with pure joy. Hell, even hops, my dog ​​wanted to laugh at the car with his new Christmas chicken.”

He continued, “I’m so grateful to my mom for having such a wonderful life. I did not take it as an order. She did not.”

Johnson has reason to celebrate this year. Not only did he get huge success with his latest film Thermana Tequila, “Red Notice”, According to the streaming company, became the most-watched movie in Netflix history.

Who needs Santa Claus when you have rock!

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