Full kisses! Galileo Montijo models on the beach

A merry dress Galileo Montijo In two pieces, “Today’s driver“Turning his eyes, Martha Galileo Montijo Torres reappeared from the beach and entered. Kisses.

The shadow of Galileo Montijo Made “Latin Boutique“His partner and partner in a new session, in which his figure with a vibrant two-piece outfit featuring multiple kisses on a postcard.”கலி“Hidden between the rocks and the sea.

Attractive “தபதி“, Characterized by having an enviable shadow and beauty captured by the camera, Galileo MontijoHe has worked so hard to take care of his image that this postcard is important to it.

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It was on this occasion that the new owner of the recently opened boutique “Loadingal” chose an outfit from his summer collection, which stands out in one of the last photos he shared on his Instagram account, which is pretty 48-year-old driver who confirmed it.

A set on a white background of two pieces, printed with several red lips, she discovered some parts of the imposing driving shadow that always give her something to speak of with every look.

With the label “Montijo”, he presented all credits of his beautiful outfit to his new clothing brand, and it did not take long for his loyal fans to react, including his colleagues.

Laura Bozo was one of the first to respond with a “wow”, shouting in surprise with several fire emojis.

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Ra ரl wrote “El Negro” Arayza’s “Sister Be Silent”, which was accompanied by several Lama emojis. When Gimina Longoria wrote … “You explain to me.”

Similarly, Aldo Rendon, Barbara de Regil and Loadingal Boutique account responded to the release of the beloved presenter of “Begvos Gigantes” and Vita TV.

This may be of interest to you On top of that, Galileo has an excellent body in the Montejo networks

Martha Galileo Montijo Torres, the “entertainer” of Los Estrellas, escapes to the beach for a few moments so that if she enjoys anything, she can show off her beauty in a beautiful session, which her fans and followers will no doubt appreciate.

Bella, ‘Gorgeous’, ‘Beauty We Love You’, some comments from her loyal followers.

Just a few weeks ago, the “TV girl” finally realized one of her big dreams, running a clothing store while maintaining a special and affectionate bond with the fashion world.

Initially, “Loadingal Boutique” was formed as a project, originally maintained by Jalisco’s “model” and “TV actress” from online sales in Guadalajara. Series like “My Love” opened their first body shop.

The Latin Boutique can be found at the Mundo E Identity Mall, located on the Ciudad Satellite at 1007, Periff. P.L.D. Manuel Avila Camacho, Hub Jordins de Santa Manica 54055, TalalNepantla de Boss, Max.

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Starting hours are from 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., and if you live outside the Republic they do “export to all Mexico”, please specify the establishment’s Instagram account.

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