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Commenting on ‘Pennifer’ makes the singer very happy Well, he has officially introduced his collaboration with Rao Alejandro in the song ‘Gambia El Paso’. The idea was born after he was in the Dominican Republic, where something changed in his life, and he ended up exchanging emails with Alex Rodriguez. . In the middle of the ad, JLo made a funny confession about the first day he met the Puerto Rican singer and what happened when they recorded the video clip.

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A With Unity, ‘Diva del Franks’ said that this song hides a powerful message: “It is to love you and make you happy.”.

“The message of this song, the song, is for me, at this moment in my life, to feel empowered, to feel strong, to love you, to do the right things for me, to love each other. To make yourself happy. If something does not feel right .. ‘Change the pace’, go on, don’t be afraid to make that change.I sometimes feel like many of us are left in situations where we are not happy or it’s not right, ‘Something is wrong here’, and we are put aside for fear of change, that’s why I like this song I think it’s about change. Sometimes you have to take a step, you have to take a step. “, Also explained the actress.

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First meeting with Rao Alejandro

“We talked to Rao last week. When he met you he told us he was completely nervous. Did you notice that?”Asked the interviewer Jennifer Lopez, Who, with his head made a firm movement, told the events of the beginning of the recordings ‘Change step’.

“We recorded a video of each other face to face, super close, and I had to pull it towards me a little bit, and I said: ‘Come closer, closer (…) believe this to create you’ and ‘I’m not going to bite you’ ‘He added with a big smile on his face.

That was all, well Jennifer Lopez, He is fully alive to reunite Ben Affleck 17 years later, he also admitted to being a Puerto Rican singer “The truth is, I was nervous, but hey you know, it was a very fun and very pleasant moment. He’s an incredible artist.” .

How ‘change the step’ came about

In another promotional interview en Apple Music 1, Jennifer Lopez Not only did he admit this at the age of 51 “This is the best time of my life” And has reached “A place in my life that I own (…) Once you get to that place, I think wonderful things will happen to you that you never thought would happen again in your life. Where am I?”, But explained how his will in this matter was born ‘Change step’.

It all goes back to the time he was filming the movie ‘Shotgun Wedding’ in the Dominican Republic and the time his love ended. Alex Rodriguez Many things have changed in his life: “I felt better on my own”. He said on his return to the United States “Everyone I Know” I wanted to go back to the recording studio. “When I feel so good, I think I’m doing my best music.”.

That is why Jennifer Lopez When excited Raw Alejandro I call her. “When I see an artist coming, when I think he’s an incredible artist and a very special genius, he calls me and says, ‘Can you be on this post? I mean, this is amazing. It’s amazing to me.’He agreed.

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