Charms used by Clara Chia to shine at the Gerard Piqué event

Lto frantic action Gerard PQ doesn’t stop Once he retires from football, the former Barcelona player can dedicate himself exclusively to all the business projects he is involved in through his company. CosmosYour partner also helps you in this Clara Chia.

Clara Xia has been much less visible in recent times after being so exposed as there are many media outlets following in the Spaniard’s footsteps. Big’s girlfriendAfter he broke up ShakiraHis mother Two sons Sasha and Milan.

Not much is known about Clara Xia, she does not give an interview or give statements, she does not appear on social networks. Therefore, no treatment and data can be provided Clara Chia is suitable. That’s the last thing I know A ‘League of Kings’ event, One of Gerard Pique’s star projects.

In an interview with Europa magazine, Designer and stylist Juan Avellaneda Clara coincided with Xia in the presentation of PQ project shirts. Clara was in charge of the event, as was the help of the entire team that is part of the King’s League.

The designer was surprised by Clara Chia, who shone at the event: “Clara is cute, actually, a good feelingWe were even talking about fashion, and I think we were the only ones talking about fashion.”

These statements Clara is at odds with those who saw Xia Like someone elseShy And it turns out to be the opposite, because it plays an important role in the events of the Cosmos company.

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