Biden lays the “foundations” for a new economic aid package

Wilmington Airport (AFP)

Joe Biden, the US president-elect, announced next week that he would lay the foundations for the next economic aid package, stressing the need to move quickly after losing 140,000 jobs in December.
The Democrat, who was introducing the last key members of his economic group from his castle in Wilmington, Delaware, spoke of the magnitude of the situation after the release of the jobs report yesterday, which was worse than expected, with many jobs lost for the first time since April.
The latest employment numbers from the Trump era are a testament to the fact that “we need to immediately provide more support for workers’ families and businesses and spend the money now.” The president-elect said.
Biden told a news conference that the priority was to speed up the vaccination against Govt-19. In addition, “tens of thousands of dollars” are needed to help local and national authorities maintain the jobs of teachers, public health workers and others.
Biden reiterated that the $ 900 billion aid package approved at the end of last December was only a small fee. “We need direct help for families and small businesses,” he said.
The Ministry of Labor said: “140,000 jobs were lost in December, especially in the entertainment and hospitality sectors.”
Biden continued: “In the midst of this epidemic, millions of unemployed people could not pay their rent or pay their debts.”
He added, “They line up for hours to get free food. Think about it. In the United States, people are waiting for food to be put on the table to feed their families.”

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