Live Broadcast | Watch the match between Jamalek and Al-Jaish in the Egyptian League

Mercado Day presents you with a live broadcast of the “Jamalek and Al-Jaish Al-Jaish” match in the sixth round of the Egyptian Premier League today, Saturday 8-1-2021.

A live broadcast of the “Jamalek and Tala al-Jaish” match will be broadcast on Ontime Sports 1 with the voice of Egyptian sports commentator Ayman al-Qasheb.

The clash between Jamalek and Vanguard will take place at the military base in Suez under the administration of Egyptian arbitrator Ibrahim Nour El-Din, and the live broadcast will begin at 17:30 GMT, 19:30 Egyptian time, 20:30 KSA.

The Jamalek club recorded their third victory in the Egyptian league this season at the expense of the “NPP” after winning the first round against the “Arab contractors”, while the third place was won against the “smou ha”, while a match was drawn against the “pyramids” in the second round, And he has not tasted loss yet.

Jamalek is third in the Egyptian league table with 10 points, and if it wins today against al-Tala El-Kish, it will rise to the top of the table with Al-Ahly, who won yesterday over “Ceramica Cleopatra”.

Al-Jaish, on the other hand, is going through a very difficult period as it has not tasted victory since the start of the season. It only drew 1 match and was ahead of “El Kona” in the first round, losing 4 consecutive matches, leaving the table with a difference of 4 points from the defensive zone. Left.

After leading the team in only seven matches, the Dalai Lama Jaish club accepted the resignation of its coach Tariq al-Ashri, so that the services of their former coach Abdel Hamid Bassouni could be applied just five days before today’s match.

Last season Abdel Hamid Bassouni led al-Jaish Vanguards and he was successful in saving the team from elimination and qualified with a good level for the final of the Egypt Cup with them.

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It is noteworthy that the last clash between Jamalek and al-Jaish al-Jaish was in the semi-finals of the Egyptian Cup, and the latter managed to knock out the Mid-Okba team by a score (3-1), in light of their extraordinary brilliance by the military player “Ahmed Sameer”.

Noting that he has scored 20 goals in his career in the Egyptian Premier League and Egypt Cup, Ahmed Sameer has differentiated the numbers from the clubs he has played against 6 times, against his former club “Jamalek”.

In general, Jamalek has beaten Al-Jaish in 30 matches in the Egyptian Premier League, where the White Knight have won 16 games, scoring 57 goals, compared to 7 wins for El-Kish SC, while dominating 7 games.

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Jamalek 3-0 Pioneers of the military

Military Stadium, Suez

Egyptian League (Round 6)


Live broadcast per minute

  • Welcome to the one-minute live broadcast of the “Jamalek and Al-Jaish” match in the sixth round of the Egyptian League.
  • The events of the “Mohab Saeed” competition are brought to you from the live broadcast center on Mercado Day.
  • Update this page frequently to get the latest about the competition.
  • Jamalek Order: Muhammad Abu Jabal – Haseem Imam – Muhammad Abdul-Ghani – Mahmoud Al-Wansh – Ahmad Fattou – Tariq Hamid – Imam Ashur – Mahmud Shikbala – Ahmad Syed Jiso – Yusuf Obama – Omar Al-Sayyid.
  • Jamalek Bench Bench: Muhammad Awad – Mahmoud Ala – Hamza Madhludi – Islam Jaber – Abdullah Juma – Muhammad Unajim – Ashraf bin Sharqi – Hussein Faisal – Osama Faisal.
  • Vanguard Army Team: Muhammad Basam – Muhammad Nasib – Ali Al-Feel – Khalid Stouhi – Ahmad Abdel Rahman – Islam Warrior – Frank Stephen – Muhannat Lashin – Muhammad Shehota – Ahmed Sameer – Am Kamal.
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17:30 GMT | The beginning of the game

  • ’10 to ten minutes have passed and the goalless tie continues.
  • ’17 جووووووووووووووووول Youssef Obama opens the record for the Jamalek Club with a strong head.
  • ’17 story target | Haseem Imam sends a cross from the right side.Bama got up to her and hit Muhammad Basham hard on the window with his head.
  • After Abu Jabal sent a cross to Al-Qa’ba on the edge of the penalty area to shoot higher than the target, ’20 Frank Stephen scored the equivalent of Dalaia al-Jaish.
  • ’22 Ooohhoo, Mohamed Bassam’s left post loses second goal Imam Ashur after a missile fired from outside the penalty area.
  • ’26 Ala The first substitute in the match in support of Dalaia Al-Jaish, Ahmed Abdel-Rahman left and Ahmed Ala’s entry.
  • ’27 Abdel Hameed Bassouni, meanwhile, replaces the team.
  • ’30 Islam Warrior sends a cross from his right foot with his left foot, which passes all over and goes near the right post of Muhammad Abu Jabal.
  • Haseem Imam misses an easy chance after a super pass from ’35 Shikabala.
  • ’38 Muhannat Lashin Al-Jaish missed a chance to score on Vanguard.
  • ’44 Z Emergency transfer to Jamalek club with the departure of the injured Omar al-Saeed and the entry of Ashraf bin Sharqi.
  • ’45 The referee adds two minutes as calculated time instead of losing.
  • At the end of the first half ’45 +2 whistle, Jamalek led Al-Jaish with a goal with no answer.

Second half

  • Two simultaneous substitutes for the Dalai Lama Jaish club at the start of the ’45 game
  • ’45 Frank Stephen leaves and Mustafa Jamal enters.
  • ’45 Muhammad The Exodus of Muhammad Shehota and the entry of Nasir Mansi.
  • ’49 جووووووووووووووووول Imam Ashor scored the second goal for Jamalek with a very interesting shot from outside the penalty area.
  • ’52 Ahmed Saeed Jiso misses the chance to score after an unnecessarily slow shot or passes the ball.
  • ’55 Jamalek presents their best game so far this season.
  • ’61 Oho Siso wastes another chance with a shot rather than a goal.
  • Nasser Mansi’s ’65 yellow card for hitting Haseem Imam’s face in the face with a joint ball.
  • ’67 Oooh Nasser Mansi hit a magnificent ball from outside the penalty area and he was brilliant at removing Muhammad Abu Jabal in the corner.
  • The second switch to the ’68 Ah Jamalek Club, the departure of Ahmed Abul Photo and the entry of Abdullah Zuma.
  • ’72 جووووووووووووووووول – Imam Ashur adds beautifully to the third goal of Jamalek.
  • ’72 Story Target | Ahmed Saeed Siso controls a ball to the left of the penalty area, passes it to Imam Ashur from behind with the heel, and hits a superb ball to the left of goalkeeper Mohamed Bassam.
  • ’73 Imam Ashor presents a great match up to this moment, and a great future awaits him with the White Knight.
  • Two simultaneous alternatives to ’80 Jamalek …
  • Imam Ashor Osama, the star of the ’80s crowd, enters Faisal.
  • ’80 You Youssef Obama’s ouster and Islam Jaber’s entry.
  • Tala Al-Jaish Muhammad Naseeb’s Defender ’87 Yellow Card.
  • At the end of the match, Jamalek won the ’90 whistle, 3-0 over Tala Al-Jaish.
  • The live broadcast ends here, and we will meet on other occasions.
  • You will have peace.
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