We do not beg or take orders from Turkey

Following reports that he had sent an envoy to Turkey, Libyan parliamentary speaker Aguila Saleh denied the allegations outright.

Today, in an interview with al-Arabiya on Saturday, parliament confirmed that it had not received orders from anyone: “We do not beg or receive orders from Turkey or elsewhere.

“We categorically deny our contact with Turkey through our special envoy,” he said, while emphasizing that he would not hesitate to communicate with countries actively involved in the Libyan crisis without any discrimination for sovereignty and national constants.

“We are working for the stability of our country and all our actions are clear to the Libyan people,” he said. He emphasized that the interests of the Libyan people were paramount, and that security and stability in Libya were the first priority.

Saleh’s position came after the news broke Yesterday’s meeting in Ankara brought the parties together from Tripoli It was also reported that a group of parliamentarians had met with Turkish officials to discuss the issue of armed groups in the Libyan capital.

Fighters of Turkey and Tripoli

For his part, Ali al-Takbali, a member of parliament’s deputy and security committee, told al-Arabiya.net that Turkey would not rest until Tripoli was transformed into a Turkish city, explaining its hosting and oversight of a security meeting with senior al-Wabak officials and leaders of armed militants. Design this project.

Al-Takbali explained that Turkey wanted behind the crowd to eliminate armed resistance and militants in western Libya through a military strike, which was preparing to dissolve their differences with the loyal militant leaders who run this period and tighten its grip on western Libya without problems.

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The National Agreement led by Presidential Council President Faisal al-Sarraj and his defense minister Salah al-Din al-Nimroosh received Turkish officials from the government yesterday, with 16 militant leaders in the west of the country, most of them from Misrata, to hold an unprecedented and extended security meeting, details of which have not yet been released. Tripoli.

Western Libya is preparing for a strike

It comes with an announcement Home Minister Pathi Pashaka, He spoke in support of the US Alliance, but said that maintaining some independence was not the answer.

In this context, al-Takbali said that Turkey was mobilizing weapons during this period to launch a military offensive to free itself from all hostile groups in western Libya, and that it was unlikely to launch a military expansion against the Libyan military at this point. An international drive and direction towards a political solution to the Libyan crisis, away from any military action.

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