PAN returns to Angel after 23 years, now merged with PRI

General view of Xóchitl Gálvez nomination by the Broad Front. (Rodrigo Oropeza / AFP) (Photo by RODRIGO OROPEZA/AFP/Getty Images)

Mexico City, September 4 (El Universal).- 23 years after Vicente Fox Quezada’s grand celebration at the Angel de la Independencia Roundabout He removed it for the 2000 election victory The PRI of Los Pinos, the PAN returned to that iconic place where the Guanajuades began with the hope of change..

The difference is that now Acción Nacional has joined its former adversaries, the Tricolor Party and the PRD, and civil society organizations to name a woman and virtual presidential candidate responsible for building a broad front for Mexico. For next year’s federal election: Xochitl Galvez Ruiz.

Xochitl Galvez (Rodrigo Oropeza / AFP) (RODRIGO OROPEZA/AFP via Getty Images)

Xochitl Galvez (Rodrigo Oropeza / AFP) (RODRIGO OROPEZA/AFP via Getty Images)

From 6 a.m. the first groups of support for the Pan senator began to arrive, mobilized by partisan organizations.. PRI members arrived first and occupied seats near the bandstand, Then came the PAN members and finally the PRD members all came with flags bearing the colors and symbols of their respective parties.

Supporters of opposition presidential candidate Senator Xóchitl Gálvez cheer during a political event at the Angel of Independence monument in Mexico City, Sunday, Sept. 3, 2023.  (AP Photo/Marco Ugarte)

Supporters of opposition presidential candidate Senator Xóchitl Gálvez cheer during a political event at the Angel of Independence monument in Mexico City, Sunday, Sept. 3, 2023. (AP Photo/Marco Ugarte)

Later, Paseo de la Reforma gave way to the “Pink Wave”. Although Xóchitl Gálvez Ruiz himself called on the civil society, citizens and citizens to accompany him, he was displaced by the militia and sympathizers of the three coalition parties to receive his certificate.

Supporters of Xóchitl Gálvez at the Angel of Freedom (Rodrigo Oropeza / AFP) (RODRIGO OROPEZA / AFP via Getty Images)

Supporters of Xóchitl Gálvez at the Angel of Freedom (Rodrigo Oropeza / AFP) (RODRIGO OROPEZA / AFP via Getty Images)

“We decided to come back because we have many colored flags in front of us, and civil society wants to be here together. This Sunday is pink, not the colors of parties. It’s about coming in pink. Xóchitl was already too much with political parties. It should be an event for citizens,” said the National. said Amato Avendano, spokesman for the Civic Front. While criticizing the “indolence” of political parties, it mobilized their “living forces”.

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In the end, citizens and political parties united in one voice: “Xóchitl, Xóchitl, Xóchitl!”; “President, President, President!”

“Mexico, Mexico, Mexico!”, “Xóchitl President!”; “You are not alone!”, chanted some during the day.

The Bon senator arrived at the Prime Steak Club restaurant located in front of the Angel of Independence at around 10:10 am with his two children, Diana and Juan Pablo.

(Rodrigo Oropeza/AFP) (RODRIGO OROPEZA/AFP via Getty Images)

(Rodrigo Oropeza/AFP) (RODRIGO OROPEZA/AFP via Getty Images)

There he received his special guests, representatives of civil society: Cecilia Flores, mother seeker from Sonora; Elsa Orticoza, a female garbage collector, and Nicolas Olguin, president of Communal Goods in the indigenous community of Dios Padre in Ixmigilban, Hidalgo, spoke for a few minutes with them.

Then she left the restaurant and walked near the stage among the hundreds of people who wanted to see her. Youths from FAM who were tasked to pave the way for her had a “fat loss” as dozens of reporters with cameras and microphones waited to catch her few words to ensure the lawmaker could pass through the area unscathed.

(Video) Impact of Xóchitl Gálvez’s candidacy for President of Mexico

Xóchitl was supported by FAM leaders, but PRI Senator Beatriz Paredes, his main opponent in the internal conflict, was notably absent. Also absent was PRD Senator Miguel Angel Mancera, who did not define his support for the process.

Among the applicants who accompanied him in the act were licensed Ban deputy Santiago Creel and former Secretary of Tourism Enrique de la Madrid, who shouted “Enrique, Enrique!” He was applauded by some participants who chanted his name.

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(Rodrigo Oropeza / AFP) (RODRIGO OROPEZA/AFP via Getty Images)

(Rodrigo Oropeza / AFP) (RODRIGO OROPEZA/AFP via Getty Images)

Businessman Claudio X. Some civil society leaders like Gonzalez mingled with the “pink tide” people.

At the end of his 23-minute message, interrupted several times by applause and cheers, after singing the national anthem, Galvez Ruiz ascended the steps of the Angel Rotunda, where he greeted the many supporters who surrounded him. They asked for photos and selfies.

Later, amid the commotion, he managed to get into his truck, but as people continued to chant his name and congratulate him, he opened the door and got on the running board to thank his supporters.

Before retiring, he waved the national flag, made a heart with both hands, and said goodbye: Thank you, I will not defeat you!, to the cheers of Xóchitlovers.

A few hours later, the PAN senator celebrated this dream day in the privacy of his home with a family meal.

Who attended?

Gálvez was supported by 3 FAM parties and civil society.

Santiago Creel, campaign coordinator.

Marko Cortés, National President of the PAN.

Jesús Zambrano, national leader of the PRD.

Alejandro Moreno, National President of the PRI.

Enrique de la Madrid, former candidate of the Front.

Margarita Zavala, Federal Deputy.

Santiago Tabota, Mayor of Benito Juarez.

Sandra Cuevas, Mayor of Cuauhtémoc.

Gabriel Quadri, Federal Deputy.

Guadalupe Acosta Naranjo, former national leader of the PRD.

Alfa Gonzalez, mayor of Dalalpan.

Giovanni Gutierrez, Mayor of Coyoacán.

Luis Espinoza Cázaro, coordinator of the PRD in the Chamber of Representatives.

Ruben Moreira, coordinator of the PRI in the lower house.

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Ceci Flores is a mother seeker from Sonora.

Elsa Orticoza, the mother of a scavenger family.

Nicolas Olguin, representative of the indigenous community of Hidalgo.


Xóchitl Gálvez’s speech, after receiving his certificate, lasted 23 minutes at the Angel of Freedom.

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