Dance | Open Space Quinta de los Molinos joins the dance day this Sunday with its own production by Laida Aldaz

Quinta de los Molinos Open Space will join World Dance Day With the performance this Sunday of our own production and Zinetika Festival production directed by Laida Aldaz Arrieta which is based on the encounter between dance, architecture and music in non-theatrical spaces.

Specifically, “In Perspective-Espacio Abierto” is a “site-specific” show – created specifically for a place – which will be presented on Sunday, April 28 in this center of the Culture, Tourism and Sports District in three performances (10:30, 12, 1 :30 p.m.).

“Dance has always had an important weight in Espacio Abierto’s programmes, and being able to count on Laida to bring this art to our families is a true luxury,” said Beatriz de Torres, Artistic Director of Espacio Abierto, who joined World Dance Day. Which is celebrated on Monday the 29th.

In this show, Leda Aldaz transforms non-scenic spaces into scenic spaces, reinterpreting them and giving them another meaning.It therefore shows that each architectural space is unique and generates different creative processes to create a new work every time.

Thus, although the “From Perspective” series was also created in other places such as the Oteiza Museum in Navarra, the Guggenheim in Bilbao, the Condestable Palace in Pamplona or the Euskadi Institute of Architecture in San Sebastian, it was realized in such places . In such a way that each piece takes on its own identity.

In this A tour through the center's various interior spaces plays with the views, evoking a cinematic atmosphere. On this occasion, the show includes five dancers (Clarissa Costaliola, Stefano Mattillo, Maeder González, Manon Jacquelin and Laura Gutierrez), accompanied by live music, composed especially for this show by Juanma Uriza.

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Thus, the audience will see the same choreography, but from very different points of view, as they will walk at the same time as the performance develops to discover different dance scenes inspired by the textures, colors, lights, viewpoints and other elements that make up the inhabited space.

Leda Aldaz explained: “The audience in this work is active, alive, moving, moving.” He added, “He approaches it – with the uncertainty of not knowing what will happen, but with curiosity and the desire to live a new artistic and family experience. How the audience emerges after this experience – as he admits – is an interesting matter.” I care a lot.”

Laida Aldz

An interdisciplinary and, in many cases, self-taught artist, Leida Aldaz has a particular interest in integrating the arts and her works focus on the relationship between body and space. Throughout her career, she has danced with numerous choreographers and artists and taught classes at international schools and festivals.

She is the director of El Trastero Creativo, an association with which she implements several artistic projects, and the director of Zinetika, an interdisciplinary festival where the relationships between dance, cinema and new technologies are explored.

Moreover, it is Co-Director of La Factoria Dance Center. Likewise, thanks to the Leonardo grant, the artist experiments with the interior and exterior spaces of various heritage buildings in Madrid and Bilbao that have fallen into oblivion, attracting the audience to them, who walk during the performance.

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