Cash crisis in Cuban ATMs and banks?

For weeks, Cuban users on social networks have been complaining that customers in long lines in front of banks and ATMs don’t have enough money to ask for.

As most ATMs have technical problems, others do not offer low denomination bills, which is why withdrawing money in Cuba has become an odyssey, especially at the beginning of the month when they tend to pay workers. .

“Yesterday I went to the ATM at 7:00pm and there was no money in any of the Cardenas ATMs,” the Cardenas resident recounted on social media. “Now, I ask the director of the bank again, what does a person do who needs to withdraw money in the early hours of the morning to go to the hospital urgently?”

Money crisis in Cuba

Another person assured that there was no money in the bank for several days and that the companies could not pay their workers: “I decided to go into the bank, I can still withdraw, and the saddest thing is that there is no money in the box. The pain and sorrow on the worker’s face was terrible, and I managed to perform the extraction operation, but the cashier did a miracle to give me my money, and she picked up little bubbles from everywhere.

As a result of the crisis in ATMs in Cuba, an additional cash service was activated in several provinces, which allows withdrawal of up to 5,000 pesos in companies that have signed agreements with the bank. However, many users have warned that many companies don’t even get paid to deliver this way.

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Directors Central Bank of Cuba (BCC) Technology obsolescence makes the task of technicians repairing ATMs difficult as spare parts are needed to perform necessary updates. And some ATMs require new bills and the money they have is old.

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