PHOTOS: Marilyn Favela drives the web crazy in a fitted Louis Vuitton swimsuit

Marlene Favela Once again created a sensation among his millions of fans instagram With a luxurious beach look. On the official account of Meta site, the actress wore Fitted bathing suit from Louis Vuitton With that andThe network went crazy Also offered style classes for women over 40 and looking to wear the best trends for every season.

The 45-year-old soap opera star and entrepreneur has become a fashion icon for women who always want to show off their best outfits, garnering thousands of “likes” for her outfits on social media. While it looks great on warm days in spring, it can be edgy and dangerous Bikinis or elegant swimwear.

Marilyn Favela won in a fancy swimsuit

This Thursday afternoon, Favela shared a series of photos on Meta platform’s official account, in which she can be seen posing from a balcony with the sea in the background, showing off her slender figure in a flirtatious manner. A few days off, so let’s remember that he is currently part of the cast of the melodrama “Unbeatable love“, producer Juan Osorio.

Marlene falls in love with a twisting swimsuit. Photo: IG @marlenefavela

“I love spring! Summer, fall, winter. I love life @me_boutique so much,” read the caption. Marlene Published in instagramA social network, she has become one of the most loved for her clothes, which is confirmed by the hundreds of flattering comments she received: “Always beautiful, spectacular”, “Wooooaaau beautiful my LOVE”, “How beautiful” , “How beautiful” and “What a beautiful girl” , among others.

The gorgeous soap opera star, 45, can be seen posing in the snapshots. Louis Vuitton bathing suitA dress that stands out for its sheer style with the company’s monograms and combines blue with white, it managed to garner over 91,000 “likes” confirming that it is one of the community’s favorite artists. Networks.

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The actress flaunts a luxurious Louis Vuitton swimsuit. Photo: IG @marlenefavela

A few months ago, the actress from the state of Durango showed herself in another aspect of her career by being a contestant on the show “Top Chef VIP” in which she unfortunately did not win, she returns this 2023. She will share the screen in soap operas produced by Juan Osorio Angelique Boyerand actors Daniel Elbiter, Danilo Carrera and Guillermo Garcia Cantu.

The actress has been acting since the late 90s with melodramas such as “For Your Love”, “Hell in Paradise”, “Mujeres Enganadas” and “La Intruza”, although she gained more fame with her role as Rosara Ríos Olivares. Telenovela “Gada Salvaje”, in 2002; Today, at the age of 20, she is already consolidated as a star of soap operas and a benchmark of style, especially when she shows off her perfect body in beach looks.

Over 40, she boasts a great body. Photo: IG @marlenefavela

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