Billion dollars at the box office and the new script

Let's see, keeping these numbers in mind, we'll do that too. Take the ice cream out of the refrigerator, then put the popcorn in the microwave

She wasn't dead, she was celebrating! It makes me so funny to think of the higher ups at Disney singing this to them Maze runnerthe sci-fi thriller that's taking Netflix by storm in more than 40 countries even though it went unnoticed on its own platform.

Since the release of the final part of this trilogy in 2018, little has been known about its future plans, although when the studio acquired Fox, As colleagues commented EspinovThe idea was to continue working on the franchise.

Little things are coming: What we know about the new plans Maze runner

As announced Hollywood Reporter20th Century Studios is working on a Reboot From the movie he wouldn't have much to do with it at first Maze runner And the rest of the trilogy. Apparently, some of the original elements are expected to be present, but still present It looks like the same actors were eliminated.

On the other hand, this makes sense, as the still untapped source material from James Dashner's books offers two novels set years before the plot of the first film or two other novels that are part of another trilogy set 73 years later. .

The only thing that got through the day was Who is the screenwriter? The one who makes all the ideas fit together and thus tries to get them to buy them: Jack Paglen, the engineer of the mission itself in the 2014 science fiction feature film TranscendenceStarring Johnny Depp, Paul Bettany, Rebecca Hall and Morgan Freeman.

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Maze runnerThe starting point is one billion dollars

The film begins with Thomas, played by Dylan O'Brien com. swiftie You'll know very well that he's the one responsible for playing Jake Gyllenhaal It's All Right – Taylor's Version – 10 minute versionIt is a piece for which the singer won the MTV EMA Award for Best Long Form Video, in which she opens her eyes and realizes that she is in an elevator. Yes in deed, Without remembering anything at all Regardless of his name. Before him a new reality unfolds where all the people before him, children his age, are in the same situation and to add a new twist, he finds himself literally trapped in a maze.

The rest of the components include a post-apocalyptic world, dangerous challenges, and some other things a fan All the way, because even at the edge of the abyss there's room for love, right?

The investment in the trilogy amounted to 157 million dollars, and the income from it was approximately Multiplied by ten Reaching $949 million.

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