Public Space Offers Improvements to Olarizu Maze in Response to Neighborhood Demands «Press releases

  • Work began in the field this morning and will continue for six months
  • Surface area is reduced and access from the neighborhood is increased

Statements by Deputy Mayor and Advisor for Public Space and Neighborhoods, Beatriz Artolazabal (mp3)

Managing public spaces and neighborhoods under the guidance of the Deputy Mayor and Councilor Beatriz Artolazabal I decided to present a series of Improvements in the Olarizo Factory Maze ProjectThis was after continuing communications with the neighborhood’s neighbors. To what has already been announced Turn on the site To keep it away from the nearest town hall houses It will eliminate the “climax” It is expected to be oriented to the northwest to improve visibility from the access road to Casa de la Dehesa. This decision also caused the space that the maze and the surrounding area would occupy to be reduced, and ultimately to remain. 3,900 m2.

On the day that work began in the fields, the Chancellor spoke about these amendments, which, as she explained to the media, are Neighborhood proposals, positive proposals that allow us to have Better project, more sharing and more to people's taste Living in the surrounding areaAmong these modifications, Artolazabal highlighted Increase in the number of access From the neighborhood, from one to three. “In the original project there was only one access. We have created a Tree-lined square Right at the entrance that will allow them to do so Three arrive. We are working to improve connectivity and facilitate more dispersed transportation. It will be a square lined with trees, some together 12 new trees Which will be distributed around the maze, mostly on both sides of the new square.

Likewise, it will be implemented new way, to the northeast of the maze, to be able to connect the development of the neighborhood with the path in the park to the east. “The neighbors asked us for this connection so that they could continue on to the Botanical Garden“, he argued. He added that all the roads were designed with granite sand Improve permeability.

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The consultant, accompanied by the department's director of strategic projects, Jorge Ozcariz, visited the fields this morning, coinciding with the start of work that will continue for six months.

With a budget of 474,742 eurosThe project is developed within the framework of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan and is funded by European Union Next boxes Generation EU.

Artolazabal has once again highlighted this new entertainment resource It will be for the enjoyment of all people, families, children, and those who visit us…The maze will be represented A green, sustainable and natural city In addition, it will serve as a hook for us to know better what is best Botanical garden“.

Plan (pdf)


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