Tuesday. The first panoramic photo taken by the rover of diligence

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Published by NASA The first panoramic photo taken from the surface of Mars During the diligent rover spaceflight, it will attempt to reveal details about the Red Planet’s past. Find out if there was or was life at one point.

This incredible panorama was captured on February 20, 2021, by navigation cameras or NASA’s diligent Mars rover. After six unique images were sent back to Earth.

A landscape dominatesThe floor and sand, loose stones and flat rocks are embedded in the surface. In the background you can see some heights that are on the edge of the Jessero abyss.

I take it all in stride. This is my first 360º view of my home with Mastcom-is. This high definition dual camera system can sit on my mast and zoom in, ”NASA wrote on Twitter.

The main goal of Mars’ perseverance is astronomical biology, including the search for signs of ancient microbial life. This will be the first task to classify the rover’s geography and past climate, pave the way for human exploration of the Red Planet, and to collect and store Martian rocks and regoliths.

Subsequent missions currently under consideration by NASA in conjunction with the ESA (European Space Agency) will send the spacecraft to Mars to collect these stored samples and send them back to Earth for in-depth analysis.


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