Kojan explains the shortcomings and change of Bijnik …

Ronald Common He spoke to the media after FC Barcelona’s win against Else last Wednesday. The Dutchman, among other things, noted the change Miralem BijnikTo relax Usmane to enter Dimaball. A variant that was more appropriate for the team due to the change in structure, but it pointed to the Tusla midfielder.

This gives the impression that the Barcelona coach does not like Bosnian because he is counting less than he expected and he will always be replaced when he plays. Despite this, the coach justified his decision at a press conference He made it clear that he had nothing personal to do with the former Bianconero. He was in favor of Persia to adapt because he believed he had to play with a lesser medium to improve.

Miralem should improve the rhythm of the ball, know his position … But as always, if you change a player, he seems to be the culprit. This is not the case. Others didn’t put much rhythm into the game, but we loved playing Leo Ten and Open Usman. That’s why we got rid of Pyongyang, “he said, explaining why the Dutch had sent Balkan to the bench in half.

In addition, he usually mentioned his own first time, which was desirable. However, for the coach it was not a lack of attitude, but rather agility and sport. “There was a lack of rhythm in the game and it didn’t depend on the approach. We wanted to play a good game from the beginning, but sometimes things just don’t work out for you. We are not machines, we are human beings. But the team showed its personality and its will in the first half, ”he defended.

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Very weak in the first half, Koman changed things in half and put the batteries to his players, just as Leo Messi tried to make his gestures in the first half. Everyone has seen that we do not have the intensity and rhythm of the ball, and it is good to hear Messi as captain more intensity. I was not happy with the pace of the game and our game with the ball was slow. Then the defense went backwards. We have progressed in the second part. We scored three goals and we were able to do that, ”he said.

Commonwealth defended and praised Leo Messi

Finally, he made it clear that he was not referring to Messi when he mentioned the fact that he had to defend and the players had to show their faces. “If I talk about the elderly, it is not because of Leo, because his performance is interesting.. There are more players who need to make a difference, and he’s once again shown that he is important to this team, “he concluded, praising the ’10 ‘after he doubled against the Elsewhere crowd.

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