There will be a Donkey Kong area at the Nintendo theme park

The picture for the article titled Nintendo's Theme Park will now also feature a Donkey Kong area

Picture: Nintendo / Universal Studios Japan.

Nintendo’s theme park is growing. The Japanese company has confirmed that it has built a new area in the park Super Nintendo World, This time, in terms of the world Donkey Cong, And may be larger than the playing area Mario brothers.

According to Nintendo, “This new area will feature a roller coaster, lots of interactive experiences and themed products and food. Visitors can walk on the wild side of the jungle where Donkey Kong and his friends live.” , You can see what is the area that will become the territory of the gorilla created by Shigeru Miyamoto who first appeared. In the mythical game Ass Cong 1981.

The picture for the article titled Nintendo's Theme Park will now also feature a Donkey Kong area

After many delays, the Super Nintendo World Theme Park finally opened its doors in March 2021 due to an epidemic, although it had to close temporarily a month later due to a new increase in Covit-19 cases in the country. Traveling to Japan is currently difficult due to local regulations, especially for tourists.

But no doubt, thanks to its attractions and how it revives the world of Mario Brothers, this park has become a dream destination All fans The company plans to open video games, and locations inspired by its owners at Universal Studios Orlando in Florida and Universal Studios Park in Singapore. Miyamoto, in Release From Nintendo, he said he was “very happy to have created the world Ass Cong, As we did with Mario’s world ”. The New section openedCow Its doors in 2024. [[[[Nintendo Via IGN]

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